Orca Makes a Splash on ‘The Masked Singer’ — But Who’s Hiding Underneath?

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Get ready for a whale of a time on The Masked Singer because a brand-new mask is about to hit the stage — Orca! We’re just five episodes into Season 5, and this mysterious mask is already making a splash with its debut performance of the viral TikTok breakup anthem “abcdefu” by Gayle. But who’s the celebrity behind the Orca mask?

The big reveal is still under wraps, but one thing’s for sure — it’s a woman behind that powerful voice.

Who Is Orca on The Masked Singer?

In a sneak peek for the upcoming episode, Mel B drops a hint, saying, “[It’s] definitely a voice that I’m familiar with”. The guessing game is on, and we can’t wait to see if our hunches are right!

Our brand new mask may be at home under the sea, but her vocals blew the guessing panel out of the water. The two big hints we noticed during Orca’s clue package were a pool safety sign which read “bombing allowed”, as well as the Olympic rings lighting up when she mentioned a “five ring circus”. We also got a photo from Orca’s past, just as an extra little hint. Any ideas?

In their introductory package, Orca shared some intriguing insights:

“I’m one of the big fish around here but when you look at the waters I swim in, they’re massive! Right now I’m probably not in my natural home, it’s a really big decision to break away from your pod but when you start the hunt as young as I did it’s something you have to do.”

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Orca Guesses

Social media has been buzzing with speculations and predictions. But while we don’t have any clues just yet, some fans are convinced that Orca might be Aussie musician Amy Shark.

The mystery surrounding Orca’s true identity has added an extra layer of intrigue to this already thrilling season of The Masked Singer.

The excitement kicked off in the first episode when “90210” heartthrob Brian Austin Green was unmasked as the Crash Test Dummy. The surprises kept coming as Channel 10 newsreader Sandra Sully emerged as Fawn, and Summer Warne as Bad Avocado. And as if that wasn’t enough, The Block judge Shaynna Blaze stunned Australia when she unmasked as Bluebottle.

With Orca’s debut, “The Masked Singer” promises even more thrilling performances, shocking reveals, and the kind of fun that keeps us guessing and glued to our screens. So, who’s ready to dive deep into this musical mystery and uncover the identity of the sensational Orca?

The Masked Singer continues Monday at 7:30pm. Catch all the fun, surprises and performances on 10 and 10 Play on Demand. Miss an episode? Watch it when you want on 10 Play.

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