‘The Masked Singer’: Is There a Spice Girl Hiding Under Bluebottle’s Mask?

the masked singer jellyfish emma bunton

The Masked Singer’s Bluebottle shines, shimmers and screams familiar. Behind those beady, sparkly eyes and that bulbous, blue head is a voice you might’ve grown up listening to.

Any guesses for who might be swimming their way to the newest season’s spiciest reveal? We’ve got some ideas and so does judge, Mel B.

Here’s what know about The Masked Singer’s jellyfish songbird.

The Masked Singer’s Bluebottle

In a trailer for the new season of The Masked Singer, Bluebottle belts out the Blondie classic, “Call Me”.

Judge Mel B instantly calls out the jellyfish costumed contestant as her former Spice Girls bandmate, Emma Bunton aka Baby Spice.

According to one commenter, the seasoned reality contest judge has a habit of making that prediction each season. But we digress — maybe this time she’s right!

The Spice Girls tributes don’t stop there. In another Masked Singer preview for the Bluebottle, Mel B is wearing a leopard print suit set, which she also wore during her days as Scary Spice.

These hints have lead some watchers to believe that a reunion is in the works.

“That’s a Spice Girl pose!” says Mel B to the Bluebottle contestant, adding to the speculation.

If you (somehow) haven’t heard of Emma Bunton, she’s better known as the Spice Girls’ Baby Spice. Fast forward almost 30 years, she continues her journey as a singer, proud mother, broadcaster and author.

Will she add the voice of The Masked Singer Bluebottle to her showbiz accomplishments? There’s only one way to find out…

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