“Pretty Devastating” — Everyone Who Left The Summit’s 2024 Season

Who went home on The Summit 2024

The Summit is a brutal show. On this series, a group of 14 strangers team up to climb the rugged alps of New Zealand’s South Island. Each contestant is carrying a share of one million dollars. If this group wants to keep said money, they have to reach the summit of a distant mountain in 14 days. But this show isn’t always teamwork-focused. If any of The Summit’s cast members are climbing up the alps too slowly, the rest of the group can vote to send them home.


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On the first day of The Summit’s 2024 expedition, theatre director David fell and injured his toe. David’s injury ended up slowing the group down, which frustrated the likes of Glen, a poker player.

“They’re all living in some delusional fairytale,” Glen said, referring to the rest of the group. “They’re like, ‘Everyone’s capable of making it to the summit!’ No, they’re not.”

The very next day, Glen pushed the rest of the group to send David home. Naturally, David was against this idea.

“These want to keep going,” David said, pointing to his head and legs.

But David’s protests, the The Summit cast voted to eliminate him, crushing David’s spirit in the process. 

“This is pretty devastating,” David said. “Because I so desperately wanted to play, and I haven’t had the opportunity to do it.”

On The Summit’s 2024 season, David isn’t the only person who has been sent home. Here’s a breakdown of everyone who’s left this series.

Everyone Who Went Home on The Summit 2024


The 2024 Summit cast member Glen
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The 2024 Summit cast member Theo
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The 2024 Summit cast member Ros
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The 2024 Summit cast member David
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The Summit airs on Mondays and Tuesday at 7.30pm, only Channel 9 and 9Now. Miss an episode? Catch up with 9Now.

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