Survival of the Fittest — Meet All the Contestants Who Have Left ‘Alone Australia’

Mike Left Alone Austra;ia 2024

Alone Australia isn’t for the faint of heart. The show drops 10 unique Aussies into different parts of the New Zealand wilderness, with only 10 everyday items at their disposal. The contestants are tasked with living in the wild for as long as possible. If an injury or a disease doesn’t get them, then the isolation will. At the end of Alone Australia’s 2023 season, all but one of its contestants left these harsh conditions, and Alone Australia’s 2024 season will end in a similar way. 

In the first episode of Alone Australia’s 2024 season, one of its survivalists requested to leave his campsite. Somewhere near a remote lake, in New Zealand’s South Island, a 60-year-old named Mike had chest pains. This propelled the Alone Australia team to get on a boat and save him. 

“I’ve got these pains in my chest,” Mike said over a distress call. “Somebody help me!”

At the start of episode two, Alone Australia’s medical team found Mike. They then determined that Mike needed to be taken to a hospital.  

“I think what we need to do is have you checked out properly, because you will need to have an ECG,” the show’s doctor said. 

Mike was forced to leave Alone Australia and became the first person to be eliminated from this show.

Fortunately, Mike has since recovered from this emergency. The man is alive and well, and even attended Alone Australia’s 2024 premiere in Sydney.

Due to Alone Australia’s stakes being so high, you might question why anyone would sign up in the first place. The final contestant on Alone Australia wins $250,000. Additionally, it’s the ultimate challenge if you are a professional survivalist. 

According to Mike, he originally signed up for this show to demonstrate his survivalist skills. He truly believed that he was going to be in the finale.

“I’m really confident I’ve got what it takes to win,” Mike said, before his exit. “The ability to handle pain and discomfort is my superpower. Testing myself and finding my limits is all part of resilience training, and I live a life where I practise what I preach.”

Here’s everybody who has left the 2024 season of Alone Australia.

Who Went Home on Alone Australia 2024?


Krzysztof is on the 2024 season of Alone Australia


Alone Australia 2024's Rick


In 2024, Tamika is on Alone Australia


The 2024 Alone Australia contestant Suzan


Andreas is on Alone Australia 2024


Jack is on Alone Australia 2024


In 2024, Jason is on Alone Australia


The 2024 Alone Australia contestant Chace


Mike Left Alone Austra;ia 2024


Alone Australia 2024's Leanne

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