‘The Masked Singer’ Cowgirl Disguise Will Make You Say “Giddy Up!”

who is the masked singer cowgirl

There’s plenty of Spice Girl vibes in the 2023 season of The Masked Singer. From Mel B on the judging panel to a contestant named Bluebottle who just might be Baby Spice, it doesn’t stop there. Cowgirl is stepping on to the stage with a rendition of an iconic Spice Girls song.

Plenty of guesses are flying around with the new season in full spin — and honestly, they’re pretty darn good.

Here’s what we know about The Masked Singer’s Cowgirl so far.

The Masked Singer‘s Cowgirl

In a trailer for the upcoming season Cowgirl performs “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls.

On a Facebook post of the sneak peek, fans are having a guess at who it might be, and they range from believable to out of this world.

Either way, The Masked Singer judge, Chrissie Swan says in the promo that Cowgirl is a “world class performer”.

And actual Spice Girl Mel B adds to the praise for the contestant, saying: “I mean, you sung it better than all five of us sung it together!”

Some suggest that Cowgirl is one of Australia’s favourite drag queens, Courtney Act and are ecstatic to see her make her debut on the show.

Courtney Act is a voice for LGBTQIA+ performers and communities. The Australian drag queen, singer and TV personality first entered our lives back in 2003 when she competed on Australian Idol. These days, she’s most well known for her time on RuPaul’s Drag Race, where she made it to the finals.

However, not all fans are convinced that The Masked Singer’s Cowgirl is Courtney. In fact, some are taking a stab in the dark and throwing Pitch Perfect actress Rebel Wilson’s name into the mix too — which would be an epic reveal, to say the least.

Which Masked Singer fans will win the guessing game? The Courtney Act devotees or the Rebel Wilson enthusiasts? Only one way to figure it out…

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