‘Masked Singer’ Stans, We’re 99% Sure Who Bouncer Is

The Masked Singer’s 2023 season has just started, but we think we’ve already unmasked a contestant. That’s right, some Masked Singer sleuths believe they know who’s under Bouncer the Kangaroo’s mask. 

What’s more, for some reason, these fans don’t believe that Bouncer’s costume is being worn by a real kangaroo. A kangaroo that would fight Dave Hughes to the death. These fans believe that there’s a bona fide celeb under that mask.

So, who is The Masked Singer’s Bouncer? Here are the details we know.

The Masked Singer’s Bouncer

In a trailer for The Masked Singer, Bouncer sings John Farnham’s “You’re the Voice”. When this trailer debuted, multiple fans said that Bouncer is Conrad Sewell.

“Definitely Conrad Sewell,” wrote one Facebook fan. 

“Conrad Sewell,” wrote another. “Sounds and moves exactly like him.”

Last but not least, someone wrote, “If this is not Conrad Sewell, I will give you all $1,000. I’m putting my money on it.”

Who the Heck Is Conrad Sewell?

Conrad Sewell is an Aussie singer and songwriter known for his strong vocals. He’s best known for featuring on Kygo’s song “Firestone” and his number one single, “Start Again”.

In 2023, Conrad released his album PRECIOUS. On this album are songs such as “Ego” and “Slipping Away”.


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When discussing PRECIOUS with Rolling Stone, Conrad said, “We started writing and recording this album over three years ago — it was such a journey recording this body of work.

“I’m so grateful for all the incredible musicians that blessed this album with their talent,” he continued. “This record truly is one that I am so proud of, and I hope that my day one fans and future fans come back to enjoy it for years to come. I like to think there is something on there for everyone!”

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