“Pressure Test Ready!” — Why Sumeet Is Fighting to Stay in MasterChef Australia’s Kitchen

The 2024 MasterChef Australia contestant Sumeet

Over the course of MasterChef Australia’s 2024 season, Sumeet’s journey has been a rollercoaster. In the first immunity challenge, Sumeet cooked a collection of prawns to perfection, receiving some delicious praise from the judges. But after this win, she quickly stumbled, and was soon selected to compete in the second round of elimination cook offs.


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Since then, Sumeet has been thrown into another elimination challenge, after she served the judges undercooked quail eggs. 

“They asked for a Quail-ity dish, and mine was off the mark, unfortunately!” Sumeet wrote on Instagram. “I was so afraid to overcook it that I undercooked it! All I’m thinking is that I shoulda-coulda, but hindsight is always 20/20!”

“Getting myself a black apron and pressure test ready! Not ready to go home anytime soon, and I’ll be fighting to stay in!”

Does Sumeet have the skills to persist in the MasterChef Australia kitchen? Here’s everything we know about this home cook. 

Who Is the 2024 MasterChef Australia Contestant Sumeet?

Growing up in Bangalore, India, MasterChef Australia’s Sumeet was blessed to have two culinary idols. The first was her late mother, Kamal, who was always a welcoming hostess. In the lead-up to a big party, Kamal would ask Sumeet to help her prepare each dish.

Sumeet’s second inspiration was her paternal grandfather, a man she called Darji. In the kitchen, Darji loved cooking and experimenting with different flavours. He gave Sumeet her first-ever cookbook and helped her foster an inquisitive persona in the kitchen.


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After moving to Australia, Sumeet forged a career in sales. But deep down, she always knew that her heart harked for the kitchen. When Sumeet cooks, she enters a meditative space, one that soothes the day’s stresses. 

When Sumeet learnt that she would be on the 2024 season of MasterChef Australia, she swiftly quit her job. But while she’s hungry to win this series, her ambitions extend beyond this one desire. Sumeet’s goal is to simplify Indian food. She wants to show Australia that Indian food doesn’t have to be overly rich, spicy, heavy, or complicated.

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