Get Your Adventure Pants on — Where to Watch ‘The Amazing Race Australia’

Where to watch The Amazing Race Australia

The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition is about to kick off, but before you get excited, you need to know exactly how to tune in! You’ll need to know where you can watch The Amazing Race, as it won’t be on every channel. 

Hosted by Beau Ryan, this thrilling series will take 11 teams of two on a race across four countries. They’ll be racing around India, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Borneo.

What’s more, as the name suggests, this season will be packed with celebrities. We have everyone from the former Wiggle, Emma Watkins, to Silverchair’s Ben Gillies. Even Australian Survivor‘s George Mladenov has been thrown into this mix. The cast is completely stacked.

In an interview with The Latch, Ryan unpacked how hyped he is for this series.

“We throw in 12 celebrity teams into some of the most hostile environments,” Ryan said over the phone. 

“People who are living the good life — entitled, living the fast life, having fun with all their luxuries — have just been stripped bare and had cameras in their faces for over a month and, what you get is gold.”

However, as exciting as all these facts are, none of them answer the question that we’re all after. That question being: “How can we watch The Amazing Race Australia in 2023?”

So let’s jump into the deets now.

Where to Watch The Amazing Race Australia

Network 10 has confirmed that The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition start date is Wednesday, October 4, 2023 — following the finale of The Masked Singer Australia. This series kicks off at 7.30pm. You can only enjoy what’s in store on Network 10 or 10 Play.

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