‘The Amazing Race’ 2023: Will Grant Denyer and His Wife Survive the Heat?

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You’ll be seeing a familar face on The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition later this year — Grant Denyer and wife, Chezzi are strapping on their packs and putting their bond to the test.

The husband and wife duo join 10 other teams in a battle for $100,000 to donate to a chosen charity. If the Denyers take the victory, their winnings will be funding Lifeline Central West, in support of a community that was overrun with drought, mice plagues and flooding.

They’ve survived the joys of parenthood together, but how will Grant and Chezzi tackle The Amazing Race 2023? Here’s what we can tell you about this adorable match.

The Amazing Race 2023: Meet Grant Denyer and His Wife, Chezzi

Grant Denyer is no stranger to the limelight. Before taking on The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition, he was racing V8 Supercars and hosting television favourites across the national networks. He was the face of Family Feud Australia, but he also knows the ins and outs of being a reality TV contestant. Previously, Grant competed on Dancing with the Stars in 2022 and I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here in 2021. But, could this be his toughest challenge yet?

In a new preview for the show, we see a glimpse into a vulnerable moment for the always-upbeat host, when Grant faints from the extreme heat during one of the tasks.

His wife rushes to his aid, calling for a medic.

Cheryl Denyer — or Chezzi, as she’s more affectionately known on the show — has been with the ex-Sunrise host for over a decade. Now, she’s along for The Amazing Race ride. She’s a devoted mother to their three daughters, a social media whiz, and co-host of the popular podcast, It’s All True. Her and Grant have conquered everything life has thrown at them thus far, but let’s see how they manage against the elements in India, Borneo, Malaysia and Cambodia.

Will it end in a family feud? Or will the Denyers come out on top?

Find out on Wednesday, October 4 at 7:30pm when The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition premieres on 10 and 10 Play  If you want to catch the replay, you can check it out on 10 Play.

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