Ben and Jackie Gillies: A Power Couple Ready to Crush ‘The Amazing Race’

Ben and Jackie Gillies are on this season of The Amazing Race.

Wow! Can you believe it? Ben and Jackie Gillies are competing in this season of The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition. This news is better than giving birth to a Nobel prize-winning baby. When this season drops, $100 notes should be sprinkled from all the balconies across Australia.

However, if you don’t know who Ben and Jackie are, you might not understand why this announcement is so huge. So let’s catch you up to speed right now.

Ben and Jackie Gillies Vs The Amazing Race

Ben Gillies is an Aussie musician who’s best known as the drummer of Silverchair. He played in this band from 1992 until 2011. Some of the band’s most iconic albums include  Frogstomp, Diorama, and Neon Ballroom.


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Jackie Gillies is a professional psychic, but she is best known for her starring role in The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

It’s likely that neither of their careers have prepped Ben and Jackie for sprinting across the globe. But then again, if they’re not 100% ready, we’ll score some excellent television, so it’s win win.

Ben, Jackie, and Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation

In this season of The Amazing Race, Ben and Jackie Gillies are competing for the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation. This organisation provides support for children and displaced women across Australia. If Ben and Jackie win this competition, their charity will win $100,000.

According to Jackie, she knows Moira Kelly and wants to platform her work.

“She is just an amazing person, and I can’t wait to showcase what she does,” Jackie said in a press statement. “She brings so much awareness and tries to bring medical attention to children that don’t have the opportunity.”

“It’s a charity close to our heart.”

If you want to make a donation to this charity, you can click the link here

The Amazing Race Australia returns to Network 10 and 10 Play on Wednesday, October 4, 2023. To keep your excitement at bay ’til then, you can tune into the previous seasons online at 10 Play.

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