Here’s How to Keep Up With ‘The Amazing Race’ 2023 Cast on Instagram

amazing race 2023 cast instagram

The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition is coming around quick. And, if you’re anything like us and love to get invested in your reality television stars, you’re probably looking for all of the behind-the-scenes snippets, snaps and shares online.

The Amazing Race 2023 cast’s Instagram pages are a treasure trove of exclusives to scroll through during the ad breaks.

So, here’s an all-in-one guide to finding your favourite cast members online — from Grant and Chezzi Denyer to returning Amazing Race Australia host, Beau Ryan.

The Amazing Race 2023 Cast Instagram

Beau Ryan

The Amazing Race Australia welcomes Beau Ryan back to the hosting reins and from what he’s told us, this season is set to be out of this world. You can check out his Instagram page here: @therealbeauryan


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A post shared by Beau Ryan (@therealbeauryan)

Alli Simpson and Angie Simpson

Check out Alli Simpson and mum Angie’s Instagram pages for cute family moments, words of inspiration and a sprinkle of Cody Simpson.

Alli Simpson | @allisimpson

Angie Simspon | @angiemsimpson


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A post shared by Alli Simpson (@allisimpson)

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Bec Judd and Kate Twigley

If you need some fashion, fitness and family inspo check out Becc Judd and her sister Kate Twigley’s Instagram snaps.

Bec Judd | @becjudd

Kate Twigley | @katetwigley


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A post shared by Rebecca Judd (@becjudd)

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Dane Simpson and Bow Simpson

Comedian Dane Simson his awesome papa Bow are taking on The Amazing Race to raise money for the NSW town of Walgett, which hasn’t had clean drinking water for five years. While Bow Simpson doesn’t have an account, you can keep up with Dane here: @thedanesimpson

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Darren McMullen and Tristan Dougan

Media’s jack of all trades, Darren McMullen is joined by his nephew, Tristan Dougan for The Amazing Race adventure. Check out snaps from their travels via their Instagram pages.

Darren McMullen | @darrenmcmullen

Tristan Dougan | @tristandougan


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A post shared by Darren McMullen (@darrenmcmullen)

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Emma Watkins and Hayley Watkins

Have a look at former Yellow Wiggle and children’s entertainment performer, Emma Watkins (aka Emma Memma) and her sister Hayley Watkins’ Instagrams.

Emma Watkins | @emmawatkinsofficial

Hayley Watkins | @hayleyxanderwatkins

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George Mladenov and Pamela Mladenov

Australian Survivor alum King George and his sister Pamela Mldaenov post pictures of their day-to-day lives, as well as snaps of their family and loved ones.

George Mladenov | @kinggeorgeofbankstown

Pamela Mldanenov | @pamelamladenov

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Grant and Chezzi Denyer

For moments of real #parentinglife, give Grant Denyer and his social savvy wife, Chezzi an Instagram follow.

Grant Denyer | @grantdenyer

Chezzi Denyer | @chezzidenyer


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A post shared by Grant Denyer (@grantdenyer)

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Harry Jowsey and Teddy Briggs

Joining The Amazing Race cast are dating show sensations, Harry Jowsey and his friend, Teddy Briggs. You’ll find shirtless pics and smiling faces on Harry’s Instagram page, while Teddy’s has mysteriously been deleted.

Harry Jowsey | @harryjowsey

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Ben Gillies and Jackie Gillies

Jumping into The Amazing Race cast are Aussie creatives, Ben and Jackie Gillies. The Silverchair drummer and his psychic medium/Real Housewife partner share clips and insights of their respective careers to their Instagram pages.

Ben Gillies | @bengillies888
Jackie Gillies | @jackiegilliestv


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A post shared by Jackie Gillies (@jackiegilliestv)

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Jana Pittman and Cornelis Rawlinson

Jana Pittman and her teenage son Cornelis are in it for some mother-son time. Here’s where you can follow them.

Jana Pittman | @janapittmanofficial

Cornelis Rawlinson | @cornelis_rawlinson


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A post shared by Jana Pittman (@janapittmanofficial)

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Peter Rowsthorn and Frankie Rowsthorn

Last but not least on our Amazing Race cast Instagram pages, funny father-daughter duo Peter and Frankie Rowsthorn share moments from their comedy shows and day-to-day lives.

Peter Rowsthorn | @peterrowsthorn

Frankie Rowsthorn | @frankie_rowsthorn_


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A post shared by Peter Rowsthorn (@peterrowsthorn)

The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition premieres on October 4, 2023 at 7:30pm. Catch the fun at 10 and 10 Play on Demand. You can also stream previous seasons online on 10 Play.

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