Bec Judd and Kate Twigley — Will These Sisters Crush ‘The Amazing Race’ Competition?

Bec Judd and Kate Twigley on The Amazing Race Australia.

Another year, another season of The Amazing Race Australia. However, this season, there’s a spicy twist. This season will feature celebrities teaming up with family members and loved ones to take on a series of adventures. Which brings us to Bec Judd and Kate Twigley, the sisters competing on The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition

Bec Judd is a famous Aussie, and Kate Twigley is a regular human. However, do they have the combined power to win this competition? Or will they go down in flames?

Here’s everything we know about Bec and Kate’s Amazing Race team.

Bec Judd and Kate Twigley Vs The Amazing Race Australia

Bec Judd is an Aussie model, television presenter, and entrepreneur. She is known for her work on the travel series Postcards, and being the weekend weather presenter on Nine News Melbourne.

What’s more, Bec is co-founder of the activewear brand, JAGGARD. This brand has over 200,000 followers on Instagram.


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Meanwhile, Kate Twigley is an Executive Services Manager for the consulting firm, TSA Group. She has been in this role since 2004.

However, it would be surprising if Bec’s weather presenter skills and Kate’s consulting knowledge helped them win The Amazing Race Australia. Do the duo have any other skills that will help them in this comp? Hopefully!

Bec Judd, Kate Twigley, and Impatient Advocacy

On this season of The Amazing Race Australia, Bec Judd and Kate Twigley are competing on the behalf of Impatient Advocacy: A Nicole Cooper Foundation.

As Kate Twigley explained in a press statement, “We are racing in memory of our dear friend, Nicole Cooper, who lost her battle with bowel cancer in January this year.”

“Nicole was a staunch advocate for cancer patients,” noted Bec, “and her foundation continues her amazing work in ensuring others with cancer have better treatment, support, and options in their fight.”

If you want to donate to Impatient Advocacy, click the link here. 

The Amazing Race Australia is coming soon to the Network 10 and 10 Play.

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