Alli Simpson and Angie Simpson: The Daughter-Mum Duo Racing on ‘The Amazing Race’

Alli Simpson and Angie Simpson on The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition.

Celebrities, they are just like us. They need to shower to smell good. A deep fear of dying hits them while driving to pick up milk. They even appear on some reality TV programmes. Which brings us to Alli Simpson and Angie Simpson, a daughter-mother duo appearing on this season of The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition.

However, while Alli is famous, Angie is not. This is the conceit of this series. A famous person teams up with a non-famous relly or loved one. 

So, with this in mind, what is Alli known for? What is her mother Angie like? Do they have what it takes to win this season of The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition?

Here’s everything that we know.

 Alli Simpson and Angie Simpson Vs. The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition

Alli Simpson is an Aussie singer, actress, and television personality. She has a million followers on Instagram and half a million subscribers on YouTube. She has appeared in several movies and TV series including the likes of The Masked Singer Australia and The 12 Dogs of Christmas.


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Meanwhile, Angie is Alli’s manager. According to Angie, she has helped Alli grow her social media presence and make her music.

However, neither Alli nor Angie have much experience that could prepare them for what’s to come on The Amazing Race Australia, and that’s exactly what makes it so exciting.

Alli Simpson, Angie Simpson, and Dementia Australia

On The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition, Alli and Angie will be competing for Dementia Australia. If they win, this charity will score $100,000.

In a press statement, Alli said, “My grandma, my dad’s mum Chrissie, has gone down really fast with dementia in the last few years. It’s been really difficult for us.”

If you want to donate to Dementia Australia, click the link here.

The Amazing Race Australia returns to Network 10 and 10Play on Wednesday, October 4, 2023. To keep your excitement at bay ’til then, you can tune into the previous seasons online at 10Play.

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