“I’d Blown It”: Peter and Frankie Rowsthorn on Their ‘Amazing Race’ Run

Peter and Frankie Rowsthorn

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Pals, last night’s episode of The Amazing Race was buckwild. In the streets of Langkawi, Malaysia, the final nine teams rushed towards the fourth finish line, after decorating a bunch of traditional fruit hampers. 

However, like most reality gauntlets, not everyone can be a winner. Peter and daughter Frankie Rowsthorn were the last team, and they were subsequently eliminated. 

But what made Peter and Frankie lose this race? And how did they find their time on this series? Well, The Latch interviewed these two chums on this matter, so here are some spicy deets.

Peter and Frankie Vs The Amazing Race

According to Peter Rowsthorn, he was responsible for this incredible loss, as he had read a map incorrectly. 

“I completely ruined it by not following that map,” Peter said. “And it wasn’t a tricky map, you know, it wasn’t difficult.”

“It was like a cartoon map, you just had to follow a road to a roundabout. That’s all I had to do, but I lost faith. So we turned around, we drove for about two minutes, and we saw Pam and George Carson. That’s when I knew that I’d blown it.”

However, Frankie Rowsthorn also took some responsibility for this L.  

“I also was second-guessing us,” Frankie said. “I told Dad that this was maybe the right road.”

“Before we started the season, I was very cocky. I was telling everyone that Dad’s an old man, that he’d be good with directions. Well, I was wrong about that.”

Yet, despite losing, Peter and Frankie had an excellent time on this series. 

“The crews loved us, and we were really popular,” said Peter.

According to Frankie, she was stoked to be competing against Emma Watkins, a former Wiggle. She had “so much fun” being a part of this adventure. 

Peter and Frankie’s Charity: All Stars for Autism

In this season of The Amazing Race, each team is competing to give a different charity $100,000. Peter and Frankie Rowsthorn were competing on the behalf of All Stars for Autism.

“All Stars for Autism is a very small up-and-coming WA charity,” Peter said. “My grandson, Frankie’s nephew, has autism, and he lives at home with us.”

He added: “This organisation lets people with autism socialise. They go bowling, they do art, or they go on bush walks as a group.”

If you want to donate to All Stars for Autism, click the link here.

The Amazing Race Australia airs at 7.30pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays, only 10 and 10 Play on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up on 10 Play.

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