‘The Amazing Race’: Will Peter and Frankie Rowsthorn Get the Last Laugh?

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In a room full of people, you can bet that Peter Rowsthorn and his daughter, Frankie will reel in some giggles. But will they have the last laugh when they take on The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition?

The father-daughter duo are bringing their comedian chops to the show in hopes of locking down $100,000 for All Stars of Autism.

“My grandson has autism, so we’re doing it for him,” Peter said in a press statement.

Can they conquer The Amazing Race 2023 with sheer comedy brilliance? Here’s what you need to know about Peter and Frankie Rowsthorn.

The Amazing Race 2023: Meet Peter Rowsthorn and His Daughter Frankie

Peter Rowsthorn is best known for his time on Kath & Kim, and has continued his work in entertainment with regular guest appearances on multiple shows across the major networks. Now, the celebrated comedian of over 30 years is bringing his punchlines — and his daughter, Frankie — to The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition. 

Frankie Rowsthorn seems to have inherited her father’s knack for comedy — in fact, she performed her first stand-up set at the age of 16! So, we can expect plenty of hilarious banter from the duo as they make their way through the streets of Borneo, India, Malaysia and Cambodia.


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While Peter is intrigued about the mystery of the challenges, Frankie mentioned that she was keen to spend time with her father.

“Super excited to have this opportunity with dad, to go away with him… before he dies or something,” she quipped.

Will jokes be enough to get them through the journey? Let’s wait and see.

The Amazing Race 2023 is coming to 10 and 10play on Wednesday, October 4 at 7:30pm. If you miss an episode, catch the replay on 10Play.

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