‘Beauty and the Geek’: Meet Future Police Officer and Beauty, Heidi

She’s a country girl through and through, but ever since she could remember, she’s wanted to become a police officer.

Heidi is ambitious, strong and determined, and after leaving her small town for big city Melbourne, she’s really discovered who she is as a person.

Her friends describe her as a “hype girl” because she’s fun and witty. However, while she may be confident now, the Beauty used to be shy and insecure. Though you’ll never catch her leaving the house without makeup on, the 20-year-old is proud of how far she’s come on her journey of self-love.

Her favourite things to do is watch romantic comedies and go out with her friends for a dance.

She’s also ready to meet a Geek, who is most likely the polar opposite.

“I’ve always gone for the same type of person and I need to change it up. It will be really nice to meet someone who could be my best friend or to find love, but I just want to find someone who will appreciate me for me,” she said in a press release.

Heidi, who has been matched with Mike on Beauty and the Geek, is looking forward to building a deep connection with him, especially after his makeover. 

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