‘Beauty And The Geek’: Meet Harry Potter Mega Fan and Geek, Anthony

Harry Potter fans, listen up! We may be about to meet the biggest fanatic of all and as a proud Gryffindor, there’s nothing Anthony doesn’t know about the Potterverse.

The digital content director is ready to make his dark mark on Beauty And The Geek, and we’re certain he’ll create some magic while he’s there.

Admitting to being shy around new people, Anthony uses Harry Potter as a way to remove himself from reality from time to time. 

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He isn’t the most confident fellow, but when he’s cosplaying as Harry Potter or his second favourite character, Captain America, he really comes to life.

Bullied throughout high school, the 26-year-old finds it hard to trust people, and the experience has forced him to put his guard up. 

However, he’s hoping that stepping out of his comfort zone and entering the competition, will allow him to let people in.

Anthony wants to find a Beauty who will support and lift him up, and who knows, maybe he’ll find a love like Lily and James Potter.

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He has a big heart and a lot of love to give, and we’re confident that he’ll manage to take a Beauty’s breath away. 

Beauty And The Geek premieres on July 17 on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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