‘Beauty And The Geek’: Meet Aspiring Prime Minister and Beauty, Sophie

With big dreams of becoming the Prime Minister of Australia, Beauty Sophie is kicking off her campaign by appearing on Beauty And The Geek.

She’s quirky, lovable and hilarious, but despite seeming innocent, she shouldn’t be underestimated.

The International Politics student can speak Mandarin, and while many misjudge her as ditzy, she’s anything but.

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Sophie is a true believer in brains overriding beauty, saying, “beauty doesn’t last forever, but brains do”.

As a huge fan of Beauty And The Geek, the 2022 contestant was encouraged by her mum to do the show.

“My mum and I love the show and I know it would fill her heart up to watch me on it,” she told Nine.

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The Beauty, who believes that if she couldn’t find a car spot at her university, it means she wasn’t meant to go that day, is hoping to find a lovable Geek she can have fun with.

While she is on the other team, the 20-year-old admits to being a bit of a Geek herself and enjoys playing with LEGO and Pokémon.

We can’t wait to see who she’s paired with because we know there’ll never be a dull moment when Sophie is around.

Beauty And The Geek premieres on July 17 on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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