Sophie Monk Says Husband Joshua Had No Idea Who She Was When They First Met

Australia’s most feel-good reality TV show is gearing up for its return on Sunday, July 17, and we can hardly wait.

Beauty And The Geek is exactly what the name suggests. Ten ‘beauties’ are paired with 10 ‘geeks’, and together, they navigate through challenges while forming a deep bond on the path to winning $100,000. 

Last year, the wholesome series was revived and aired its first season with Sophie Monk at the helm. Unsurprisingly, people loved it, which is why it’s back for Season 2.

“I’m so excited because I’ve seen half of it already, and it’s just another level. It’s a show I’m really proud of, and I can’t wait for people to watch it,” Monk told The Latch.

“It’s my favourite show, and I hate watching myself on TV, but I just love this show so much.”

Monk, who tied the knot only a few short months ago, knows a thing or two about love. Not only does she host two dating shows (Beauty And The Geek and Love Island Australia), but she managed to find her soulmate while on a flight back to Australia.

Monk and her husband Joshua Gross make a beautiful couple, but according to the host, they both resonate more with the geeks rather than the beauties. 

“We choose to stay at home over the weekend and have a drink and play Xbox. We’ve got the full steering wheel and the chair,” admitted Monk. 

“We are just so into that stuff. We’re back into playing Sonic at the moment, and Joshua has gotten the entire game system. We’ve got VR headsets, it’s hilarious.”

It was pretty much love at first sight for the both of them, but despite the entire country knowing Monk’s name, Gross actually had no idea who she was when he sat next to her on the plane.

“He actually lived in America, so he had no idea who I was! But for my own self-esteem, I like to think that he did,” said Monk with a laugh.

She’s had a massive year, and now, she’s preparing for the premiere of Beauty And The Geek

Promising an even bigger and better season than the one before, Monk can’t wait for fans to watch the first episode.

“It’s really found its feet. You see a much deeper side of the beauties — one of the girls reveals something really vulnerable about herself, and I was in tears,” she said.

“So the beauties grow equally this year, and the geeks are just adorable. A lot of them haven’t even had their first kiss or first date, so everyone walks out of the show, going ‘it’s the best experience of [my] life’. 

“Which is so rare for a reality show. Usually, people come out saying, ‘I was edited badly!’ but it’s equally as entertaining as MAFS, and it’s just so sweet.”

She’s definitely right about it being entertaining and sweet. Beauty And The Geek is refreshing to watch, and in Monk’s own words, “I think it’s just good for the soul.”

The Bardot singer is a household name at this point, and while we love watching her on-screen, we, alongside her legion of fans, are eagerly awaiting new music. However, judging by her response, it seems we’re going to be waiting a little longer.

“Well, I released a song not long ago, but I did it a bit shyly,” she said, referencing her song “Nice To Meet You”.

“But actually, the beauties and geeks are doing a music video, which is my favourite challenge because it’s to the remix of my song, and they did such an amazing job.”

As for what she wants viewers to know before the premiere? It’s that you’ll be hooked from start to finish.

“If you watch the first episode, you will be addicted to this show,” she said. “And you walk away guilt-free. You don’t feel bad after, you actually feel good. A few of my friends told me they felt down and then they watched it and it made them feel better.”

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