Everyone We’ve Said Goodbye to on ‘Rush Australia’

The Cast of Rush Australia 2023, but not everyone will make it to the end. Here's who went home on Rush Australia 2023.

Rush Australia has kicked off, and what a rush it’s been. The show features three teams of four, who are deprived of all sight and sound as they’re dropped into a random location somewhere in the world. The teams then work together to solve the mission, which leads them to the Escape Zone. There, they meet up with host David Genat, and it’s onto the next adventure.

At the beginning of the series, the teams were:

  • Team Gold: Lola, Priscilla, Saxon and CK
  • Team Navy: Madi, Sofia, Tylen and Tommy
  • Team Scarlet: Najmah, Fiona, Adam and Hamish

In each episode, the team that makes it to the Escape Zone last will be forced to eliminate one of their team members.

Having competed on Australian Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice, David Genat said that he was “definitely” excited for the opportunity to turn the tables and take up hosting Rush.

Chatting to The Latch ahead of the show’s premiere, David said that his previous experiences as a competitor gave him “this weird empathy that some others hosts don’t have”.

He explained: “You know what it’s like on the other side, so I could kind of lend that experience to the guys.”

David said that reality TV is “a rollercoaster ride”, and that “no matter how amazing and immersive” a competition is, there will always be “highs and lows”.

Of course, it’s not always up to the contestants whether they stay in the competition. Here’s everyone who’s been eliminated from Rush Australia so far.

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Who Went Home on Rush Australia?


Rush Australia 2023 cast member Sofia


Rush Australia 2023 cast member CK


Rush Australia 2023 cast member Adam


Rush Australia 2023 cast member Tylen


Rush Australia 2023 cast member Lola


Rush Australia 2023 cast membert Fiona


Rush Australia 2023 cast member Saxon


Rush Australia 2023 cast member Madeline


Rush Australia 2023 cast member Priscilla


Rush Australia 2023 cast member Najmah

Rush Australia airs at 7.30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, only on 9 and 9Now. Missed an episode? Catch up on 9Now.

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