Meet the Three Bachelors Set to Woo Us on ‘The Bachelors Australia’

Wesley Senna Cortes, Ben Waddell and Luke Bateman, The Bachelors Australia 2024 cast.

Well, it’s official! The Bachelor Australia will remain The Bachelors Australia for its next season, as Network Ten has announced Wesley Senna Cortes, Ben Waddell and Luke Bateman as the Bachelors for Season 11.

Recently, Network Ten announced that the longtime reality series would be moving production to Melbourne for its next season. Season 10 was filmed on Queensland’s Gold Coast, and prior to that, The Bachelor Australia was filmed in Sydney.

What the network hadn’t confirmed, though, was how many eligible Bachelors would be looking for love on the upcoming season. Now, we know that they’re keeping things thrice as nice.

Season 10 of the series was a massive shakeup for the dating competition. Rather than one Bachelor on a linear path to love, The Bachelors gave us three Bachelors and 30 women. After a long delay to airing, The Bachelors‘ new format received mixed reviews as it aired over January. As for our Bachelors — Felix Von Hofe, Thomas Malucelli and Jed McIntosh — well, none of them found love. C’est la vie, baby!

Now, Network 10 is ready to do it all over again, and heck, so are we. Why not?!

Meet The Bachelors Australia 2024 Cast

Okay, technically we don’t know whether The Bachelors Australia Season 11 will air in 2024 or later this year. Network Ten hasn’t confirmed the start date for the upcoming series just yet. We’ll update this post when we know more, though, so stay tuned.

Our Bachelors for the year are: Wesley Senna Cortes, Ben Waddell and Luke Bateman, and they’re all ready to find love.

Wesley Senna Cortes

Originally from Brazil, Wesley moved to Australia to study theology. Up until now, he’s played it safe when it comes to his dating life, but he’s ready to change all of that. He knows what he wants, and that’s to meet his soulmate. He wants a partner who he can build a life with, someone who he can start a family with.

In a press statement, Wesley noted “what the show means to Australia”, and said that being asked to be one of the Bachelors was “a huge honour”. He’s also thrilled to be able to “represent [his] culture” on a national platform.

“It’s not every day that you have such an incredible team helping you find love,” Wesley said. “I couldn’t be more excited.”

Ben Waddell

Before The Bachelors Australia, Ben made waves as a successful international model. But life in the fast lane didn’t yield him the one thing we all need: love. Now, he’s ready to find a partner, someone he can take on the world with. Ben’s perfect woman will be an adventurous spirit who shares his passion for the environment and sustainability.

“It’s such a surreal experience to take part in the new Bachelor series, and while I feel incredibly lucky it’s also very daunting,” Ben said. “I’ll be going in with an open mind and open heart to find the girl of my dreams.”

Luke Bateman

From the country to the city, Luke is a former NRL player who now works as a lumberjack. Despite these traditionally masculine jobs, Luke assures us that he’s a big softie and a hopeless romantic. In fact, Luke has even written a love poem or two in his time!

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and I’m feeling all the first date nerves – dialled up to 11,” Luke said of his Bachelors journey. “I’m looking for a partner who I can build and share a life with, a genuine person who makes me laugh and wants to start a family.”

Will our Bachelors find love? Only time will tell. Until then…

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