‘The Bachelors Australia’: Why Jed ‘Shocked’ Alésia With Grand Gesture

Jed and Alesia bachelor

While it seems like just yesterday we were introduced to Australia’s three most eligible Bachelors, their journey finally came to an end where Felix Von Hofe, Jed McIntosh, and Thomas Malucelli chose their Bachelorettes.

But standing alongside Felix and Jess, and Thomas and Leah, Jed and Alésia are the only couple that remains together from The Bachelors Australia.

During the finale on Sunday, Jed took a leap of faith and proposed to Alésia after having discussed how she was not comfortable with an engagement at the end of the experience. Alésia clearly wasn’t going to say yes to Jed’s proposal of marriage after seven weeks, and he knew it.

“I had to basically ask the question if I wanted her to have the ring,” he tells The Latch.

“I knew she was going to say no, I just wanted to be with her but I always wanted this beautiful ring to be on her finger, purely because it looks beautiful, so I was absolutely s***ing myself ‘cause I’m like, ‘This girl thinks I’m not listening to her and thinks I’m hellbent on being engaged’, which I wasn’t! I was hellbent on the gorgeous ring and the way it looked on her finger.”

It was the grand gesture that made Alésia believe she was being “pranked.”

“I was so shocked, to say it caught me off-guard’s an understatement. I was just swearing so much,” she admits. “The ring is so stunning. I literally looked at it and was like, ‘Oh my god, do I just say yes ‘cause the ring’s so stunning?’ Then I was like “No, I can’t, I’ve got to stick on my moral ground.”

The ring was instead used as a symbol of his commitment to their relationship, but the pair aren’t interested in putting a label on things.

“We’re just seeing each other at the moment as things stand,” Alésia says.

Jed adds: “For us, it’s not too much changing, we talk all day… So I think we’re just continuing that on, but now we can obviously do it in a normal setting. We sort of know where we stand and are just excited to do some normal things.”

The pair admitted it’s like starting from scratch all over again, where they are just excited to do the “simple things like going for a coffee together or going to dinner and just walking around”.

“It feels like a lot of pressure (from the show) has been released and we’re just looking forward to doing some normal stuff,” Jed says.

Aside from finding a romantic connection in the Bachelor mansion, the couple is walking away with lifelong friends.

“I think I’m just about in touch with everyone except for a few. The girls are just like family to me,” Alésia admits, while Jed says he is still “besties” with his Bachelor co-stars, Felix and Thomas. “They’re my brothers so we talk every day, check-in with each other. We have a deeper connection that goes beyond just show stuff which is really good.”

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