Lindy Klim Brings a Touch of Elegance and Royalty to ‘SAS Australia’

sas australia 2023 lindy klim

Lindy Klim is bringing her elegance and tactical thinking to the newest season of SAS Australia 2023. She’ll battle through mental and physical challenges with other 13 other Australian icons like Stephanie Rice and Mahalia Murphy.

In all her pursuits, it feels like Lindy never fails to rise to the occasion with grace and glamour. But, can she do the same when faced with the missions put forth by DS Team Leader, Ant Middleton? Here’s what you need to know about the Balinese royal before the 2023 season of SAS Australia kicks off later this year.

SAS Australia 2023: Who Is Lindy Klim?

Lindy Klim, the newest SAS Australia recruit and true-to-life Balinese princess could arguably be one of the most stylish names in Australian fashion. She’s modelled for iconic brands like La Mer and Lexus, and always brings her impeccable style to the table.

Not only that, Lindy’s entrepreneurial pursuits have spread far and wide. Her latest venture, Fig Femme, is an international success. The skincare products are sold on Kourtney Kardashian-Barker’s online store front, Poosh, as well as The Iconic.

If work-life balance is the game, then Lindy has played it on expert mode for many years. She’s a devoted mother to four children and an international jet setter, splitting her life between Bali and Australia to manage her business.

Who Is Lindy Klim Married to?

Lindy’s marriage to a former Olympic swimming champion, Michael Klim, ended in a very public divorce back in 2016. The pair shared a decade-long relationship and three children.

Fast forward to 2018, she was wed to property developer, Adam Ellis and took the name Lindy Rama Ellis.

Will Lindy’s wide expertise get her through the gruelling tasks of SAS Australia 2023? Patience is a virtue we’ll need to exercise before finding that out…

Tune into the new season of SAS Australia when it premiere on Channel 7 and 7Plus in October. For the mean time, you can tune into old seasons on 7Plus.

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