Everything You Need to Know About ‘SAS Australia’ Before Its October Premiere

sas australia 2023 details

Well, well, well… looking what’s coming around again. SAS Australia 2023 is set to premiere later this year with a star-studded crew along for the ride.

This season, 14 Aussie personalities will face a special set of challenges, courtesy of the Special Forces operatives and pulled from the real SAS selection process. All of them will collectively eat, sleep and train together in the desert, whilst engaging in activities that will put their mental and physical strength to the test.

Ahead, we’ve put together all the SAS Australia 2023 details in one place. From who’s been casted as an Operative to where it was filmed, here’s everything you need to know before the show hits our screens.

Who’s on the SAS Australia 2023 Cast?

The 2023 cast of SAS Australia is packed with a few controversial and unexpected names. Here’s the full list of recruits:

  • Abbey Holmes, 32 – AFL Field Commentator
  • Anthony Mundine, 47 – World Champion Boxer
  • Boyd Cordner, 30 – Retired NRL Star
  • Cassie Sainsbury, 28 – Convicted Drug Smuggler
  • Dr Craig Challen, 57 – Thai Cave Rescue Hero
  • Craig McLachlan, 57 – Actor
  • Jason Akermanis, 46 – AFL Hall of Famer
  • Lindy Klim, 45 – Balinese Princess
  • Mahalia Murphy, 29 – International Rugby Star
  • Matthew Mitcham, 35 – Olympic Gold Diver
  • Peter Bol, 29 – Olympic Runner
  • Stephanie Rice, 34 – Olympic Gold Swimmer
  • Tim Robards, 40 – OG Bachelor
  • Zima Anderson, 25 – Actor

Who’s on the SAS Australia DS Team?

The SAS Australia DS team presents the recruits with their missions, each episode and this season looks to be more grueling than ever.

While Channel 7 hasn’t confirmed whose part of the squad, we do know that Ant Middleton, former British Royal marine, has been appointed as the leader.

In a new preview for the show, he offers up some simple advice to the recruits, “If you are weak, easily offended or physically unfit, leave now!”

Where Was SAS Australia Filmed?

SAS Australia 2023 is filmed in an undisclosed location in the Middle East. Here, the recruits are surrounded by desert sands and exposed to harsh winds.

When Does SAS Australia 2023 Start?

Right now, the exact start date of SAS Australia 2023 is still unknown but Network 7, has confirmed that it’ll premiere in October.

Where to Watch SAS Australia

You can watch SAS Australia in October on Channel 7 and 7plus. In the meantime, you can tune into the previous seasons on  7Plus.

Keep an eye on this article — we will be updating it with more SAS Australia 2023 details as they become available.

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