This TikTok Beauty Hack Involves Treating Breakouts With Bandaids

Social media app TikTok has spawned many beauty trends and created cult products in the space of a short video. Earlier this year, Revlon’s Face Volanic Roller, which helps to absorb oil from your face, blew up on TikTok, as did the trend of guys getting perms, which in our opinion, is one we’d happily see stay.

The latest beauty trend to go viral on the app is using bandaids to treat breakouts. Users have been popping bandaids over their pimples and blemishes, leaving them overnight and waking up to relatively clear skin. You simply cut the bandaid down to the size you need, pop it on your pimple and leave it overnight.

These aren’t regular bandaids or bandages, of course. For this hack to work properly, you have to get your hands on a certain type of plasters by Band-Aid called Advanced Healing Hydro Seal, which you can find in your local supermarket at a relatively affordable price.

According to mindbodygreen, these types of bandaids are no different from the acne stickers and patches that are so popular right now. In fact, both the bandaids and acne stickers are made of hydrocolloid, which helps to absorb excess fluids, like oil and pus, without drying your skin.


These bandaids are designed to treat blisters, providing cushioning while also helping to extract all of the fluid without having to pop the blister. This is pretty much how they work on pimples, especially those that have come to a white head. The major difference between the bandaids and the acne stickers is marketing — the science behind the two products is much the same as they both absorb fluid, help speed up healing time and keep you from picking.

Although, many acne stickers also usually contain a few other pimple-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid and tea tree oil to help the spot along. But, if you’re after something you can pick up easily at the chemist or supermarket (versus ordering acne stickers online), these bandaids are a great option.

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