If You’re Keen to Try Supplements, Here’s a Good Place to Start


Because we all want to live healthier lives, we have to look past simply gymming and healthy eating. 

If you’ve got the movement and eating part down pat, perhaps you could consider adding some supplements to support your whole body wellbeing. There’s no bad time to make a change for the better and this guide will help you pick what’s right for you. 

While it may seem like a hassle adding yet another step into your morning or evening routine, these supplements are easy to take and beneficial to your overall well-being. And focusing on bettering yourself from the inside-out will not only make you look better but more importantly feel better.

Everybody is different, so make sure you evaluate what you need before taking a new supplement, and don’t forget to evaluate how you are reacting to the new additions.

Vida Glow

As the name suggests, Vida Glow is all about making you glow from the inside out. And let’s be real, who wouldn’t want that? By using natural ingredients, Vida Glow makes collagen and beauty powders specifically formulated to give your skin, hair and nails nourishment so they look and feel amazing.

While those uninitiated to the world of collagen supplements might be a little put off by the idea of ingesting powdered fish scales, there’s nothing to worry about with Vida Glow, as its range of flavours makes up for any perceived “icky”-ness. While the collagen powders can be purchased in fruity flavours like peach and mango, the beauty powders also come in a wide array of options including cacao maple and banana cinnamon.

One great aspect of the brand is that it offers value bundles, so if you don’t know where to begin you’ll be perfectly set up with one of these. Whether you’re in need of some serious hydration or trying to fight off signs of ageing, Vida Glow has a pre-packed combo for you which is also cheaper than buying each product individually.

The newly launched Collagen Elixir Lemon Myrtle & Manuka Honey by Vida Glow is also a handy way to elevate your collagen intake as it provides a concentrated dose of Vida Glow’s activated marine collagen. Taking one elixir per day will help improve skin elasticity and firmness, increase skin hydration and strengthen both your hair and nails. Shop the Collagen Elixir via Vida Glow at $75 for 10 bottles.



Natural skincare brand Bear takes pride in being “good for our eyes, heart and mind, but also for the world around us.” Sounds promising, no? Selling both essential daily vitamins and more specific superfood-based supplements, Bear makes a little something for everyone.

Whether you’ll be adding daily vitamins into your routine for the first time or just want a protein boost, Bear’s “highly-therapeutic ingredients” are specifically chosen and cultivated “to deliver optimal bio-availability and to ensure nutrients are readily absorbed by the body.”

Better yet, a portion of every sale goes to WildArk and The Great Barrier Reef Foundation to take care of our home on earth while you take care of the home that is your body. The minimalist black and white packaging will also look sleek on your vanity.


The Beauty Chef

All you have to do is type “Beauty Chef reviews” into Google and you’ll be met with a flood of positive comments about The Beauty Chef’s famous GLOW powder.

But that’s not all the brand has to offer. With a focus on “inner beauty” The Beauty Chef understands that gut health is of the utmost importance when it comes to our bodies, both inside and out.

What started out as the one GLOW powder has now transformed into a line of eight inner beauty products and two outer beauty skincare formulas, each just as good as last. While GLOW might be the brand’s essential “hero product”, there is also a “Find Your Remedy” quiz on-site that lets you enter in your skin type and concerns to find the perfect combination of supplements for you.

As an added bonus, the packaging of The Beauty Chef’s products looks just as good as the results they give you.



Locako was founded to help you think, perform and feel better with its line of low carb products including pasture-raised collagen (for healthy and radiant skin) and gelatin powders (for gut and bone health). The ingredients in Locako’s products strive to boost your emotional wellbeing while also supporting digestion and your immune system.

The line of MCT Oil products are also designed to improve cognitive brain function and concentration, so the entire range really targets your body inside and out.


Nutra Organics

Nutra Organics is a family-owned business that creates natural products designed to provide nutritional and holistic value for your health. Earlier this year, Nutra Organics took out the Convenience Product of the Year award for its innovative collagen flavours in its Collagen Beauty hero product.

Collagen Beauty by Nutra Organics is a natural formulation containing Verisol Bioactive Collagen Peptides to support the integrity of the skin and decrease the factors that cause ageing. It also helps increase skin elasticity and contributes to a healthy gut — among a whole host of other things.


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