TikTok Has Spoken: This Is the Best Day of the Year to Book Travel

Travel Tuesday

If the end of the year is getting you in the mood to book travel for next year, you’re in luck because the best day to do so is coming up. In a clip going viral on TikTok, travel creator Jetsetting Jacki shares that the day of the year with the biggest travel discounts – “the most important travel day of the year” — in 2023 is Tuesday, November 28.

According to Jacki, the day is related to Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales but is dedicated solely to travel deals. Black Friday, if you didn’t know, is the day after Thanksgiving, which always falls on a Thursday, and is also a holiday in the US. Shoppers would use the day off to buy presents for the holidays, and eventually, shops started slashing prices to stand out among the options.

In her video, Jacki explains that research on last year’s travel deals showed that the best prices weren’t on Black Friday or the following Monday, Cyber Monday, but instead on the Tuesday after, which Jacki calls ‘Travel Tuesday’.

@jetsetting_jacki Comment any good travel deals you’ve seen please I wanna know what we’re working with!!!! ✈️ Let’s snap up the best Travel deals this Cyber Weekend/Black Friday/Travel Tuesday!! #traveltuesday #traveldeals #traveltips #blackfriday #blackfridaydeals #travelbudget #flighttips #traveltipsandhacks ♬ original sound – Jetsetting Jacki | 🌎📍✈️

Jacki isn’t alone in talking about Travel Tuesday on TikTok, the hashtag currently has over 73 million views with hundreds of creators sharing the huge-savings travel deals they’ve already spotted for this year’s Travel Tuesday.

“Apparently, there were 78% more travel deals on Travel Tuesday than on Cyber Monday, and there were twice as many on Travel Tuesday as on Black Friday,” Jacki says.

She goes on to cite research by travel booking platform Hopper that found that the standout travel deals were to destinations including Lisbon, Los Angeles, London and Puerto Rico and that they were up to 60% off regular prices. This year, she says Hopper is forecasting the biggest deals will be to the Bahamas, Bali, Las Vegas, London, Miami and Tokyo.

“If you want to keep up with the best deals, I would say, make sure you sign up for emails for all the big travel companies that you like to go with,” Jacki says.

“Keep an eye on [deals from the big travel companies] as well because they might come out Monday night for Tuesday morning. Also, make sure you check out actual airline websites as well, not just search engines like Skyscanner or Webjet because actual airlines sometimes offer discounts that aren’t available on these websites.”

Jacki added that the advice was all just her own opinion, but that she had done a bit of research into last year’s Travel Tuesday deals, as well as what’s currently being offered for this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

“If there’s something you really want, I would suggest snapping it up on Black Friday, but, if you’re unsure, wait ‘til Travel Tuesday to see if anything good comes out,” she says.

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