Here’s What You Need to Know About Manifestation

Manifesting seems like a bit of a buzz word these days, but when used correctly, can actually produce pretty incredible results. Whether you’re looking to usher change into your life overall, or are wanting something more specific like a new relationship or a career change, manifesting can help you achieve these goals.

As with most things in life, manifesting isn’t for everyone. While anyone can manifest, it might not be the right practice for you and that’s OK — you do you.

To learn a little bit more about manifestation, we turned to the experts. Christie Whitehill & Cassie Cameron are the co-founders of Mind High Club — an expert marketplace that allows you to book sessions directly with world-leading transformation and wellbeing coaches.

“Our mission is to empower people to realise their true potential,” Whitehill and Cameron told TheLatch—. “We do this through the power of education and by connecting them with world-class teachers in mindfulness and wellbeing.”

With Mind High Club, you can sign up for Whitehill and Cameron’s 21-Day Manifesting Challenge, join the online community for free tips, access online group classes with experts or book a private session with a wellness coach. If you’re looking to work on your personal growth and happiness, Mind High Club is the place to start.

We posed all of our curly questions about manifesting to Whitehill and Cameron. Here’s what you need to know.

What is manifestation?

“Manifesting is all about creating your reality,” Whitehill and Cameron said. “It’s an experience that’s brought into your physical world through thought, feelings and beliefs. For example, whatever you focus on, is what you bring into your life/ reality.

The concept of manifestation is no longer thought of as an alternative practice these days, with thought leaders like Eckhart Tolle and Gabrielle Bernstein bringing it firmly into the mainstream space. And, according to Whitehill and Cameron, manifestation isn’t simply a spiritual practice.

“Some aspects can be described as more spiritual or esoteric, but the key concepts and processes are backed by science and neuroscientists such as Dr Joe Dispenza who says the body doesn’t know the difference between an experience and a thought,” Whitehill and Cameron said.

“You can literally change your biology, neural-circuitry, chemistry, hormones and genes, simply by having an inner experience. Essentially, what we’re doing when we’re manifesting is aligning ourselves with science, energy and natural laws (like the law of attraction) to co-create a reality we desire.”

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Can anyone learn to manifest?

Anyone can master manifestation, says Whitehill and Cameron. Once you learn the ropes, you can put it into practice pretty easily and what you choose to manifest can be as little or big you like.

“It’s really up to the individual what they want to bring into their life,” said Whitehill and Cameron. “For example, a romantic relationship, a new car, or to simply just open up to a new way of ‘being’.

“You can choose to manifest something very specific, or you can set a wider intention. Either way, there are some key tried and tested processes that truly can bring about your reality which scientific and spiritual teachers have been sharing with us for years.”

What can you manifest?

The sky is the limit when it comes to manifesting. You have the power to create your life through thought and action, which according to Whitehill and Cameron, is why you have to monitor your thoughts.

“We are all creating our reality all of the time, but the question is, what are we creating? said Whitehill and Cameron. “When we are ‘manifesting’, essentially what this means is we are intentionally creating a life that we love.”

“Manifesting applies to anything we wish to bring about in our life — relationships, career opportunities, financial abundance, good health, truly anything you want! The possibilities are limitless when you set your mind and intentions towards an intention.”

How to manifest

Mastering the practice of manifestation will help you achieve whatever it is you have your heart set on. Manifest pros Whitehill and Cameron have six steps they swear by when it comes to manifestation.

— Release your blocks

By this we mean reduce your stress, limitations, unconscious patterns and perceptions that stand in the way of receiving what is ours.

— Meditation

Every manifesting master, spiritual teacher and successful person has this in common. Through connecting with our inner being through meditation we’re able to get more in tune with our intuition and manifesting power.

— Find your truth

Connect to your true self, and learn what your true life purpose is. By tapping into this you can discern when goals are driven by ego or your true self.

— Set a powerful intention

It is important to get clear on what you want and not to focus on what you don’t want. Get clear on this through visualisation and other practices.

— Raise your vibration

Everything is energy and like attracts like. We need to ensure we are a vibrational match to what we wish to receive. Make sure you make time for doing practices for your mind and body that make you feel good. When you feel good you attract more good.

— Let go and trust

This is an important one and the one most people get stuck on. Once you set your intention you need to release all attachment to the outcome and any expectation or preference for how you want it to manifest.

Learn to manifest

If you want to dive deeper into the principles of manifestation, Whitehill and Cameron also offer a 21-Day Manifesting Challenge via Mind High Club.

“Our 21-Day Manifesting Challenge can help you release whatever is holding you back from attracting what it is you’d like in your life, whether that is a dream job, better relationships (or a new one), money, new experiences, and/ or health and happiness,” Whitehill and Cameron said.

“We take you through step-by-step teachings and tools in a bite-sized, easy to digest way that can help you become a magnet for manifesting anything you desire and create lasting change in your life!”

On each day of the challenge, you’ll receive an email with the latest lesson, as well an intro to the lesson, a short video or audio clip and a daily meditation exercise and affirmation.

“Most days you’ll get a practical activity to complete, which will help you to really ignite your manifesting power!” Whitehill and Cameron said.

“You’ll need to set aside 20 to 30 mins in your calendar each day but don’t worry if you have a really busy schedule, as you can always come back and do the activities when you’re available to do the work.

“One of the best things about the challenge is being able to connect with like-minded souls. So we have created a private Facebook Community just for members of the 21-Day Manifesting Challenge, where they can share their journey, offer encouragement and uplift one another.”

For more information, head online to Mind High Club. Happy manifesting!

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