What Is Hair Plopping? A Hairstylist Explains the Curly Hair Hack Popular on TikTok

A hair hack has been doing the rounds on TikTok and gaining popularity recently. Called “hair plopping”, this technique helps to boost your natural waves without the need for heat styling. It’s a seriously low fuss technique, as you can do it before bed, sleep with it and wake up with enhanced waves or curls.

Celebrity hairstylist and Pantene Ambassador, Brad Mullins, is a fan of this method as it allows you to achieve style without heat styling tools.

“By not using heat you will prevent hair from over-drying and also reduce damage in the long run, both of which cause dry, frizzy strands rather than luscious curly locks,” Mullins told The Latch.

To enhance your hair’s natural waves, all you need is a cotton T-shirt, shampoo, conditioner and curl holding spray or mousse.

Here’s everything you need to know about this trend.

What is hair plopping?

“Hair plopping is the technique of folding your hair into a T-shirt and securing it above your head,” Mullins said. “This gives lift to the roots of your hair, allowing for volume and bounce when hair tends to be weighed down or brushed out. The other benefit is using a lightweight T-shirt which is both comfortable and easy to secure and this allows you to leave it overnight and maximise results.”

How do you perform the hair plopping technique?

“The method that is being used on TikTok requires a thorough hair wash and application of some curl holding product with your hands,” Mullins explained. “Once this is applied you then flip your hair forwards and fold it into an old T-shirt, which is then tied up by the sleeves to create a turban. This is left on overnight while you sleep and you can enjoy the results in the morning. It’s important that you don’t brush or comb your hair at any stage of the process.

“The longer the hair is left in place the greater effect the method will have but you should notice some curls after around 30 minutes.”


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What products should be used alongside this technique?

“I always recommend a volumising, silicone-free shampoo like Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Shampoo and Conditioner to those wanting to maintain their curls,” he said. “The lightweight yet hydrating formula will ensure that your hair stays nourished and bouncy, rather than weighed down.

“The healthier your hair the more glamourous your curls will look, and a simple hair treatment like Pantene Intense Rescue Shots will help you achieve that. I would also invest in a curl holding spray or mousse suited to your hair type, to secure the curls in place once they’re dry.

“To keep the bounce to your hair on days you aren’t washing it, minimise brushing and only use a wide-tooth comb to detangle it. When it is wet, always scrunch dry your hair in an upwards motion or integrate the plopping method when possible for the best results.”

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