Sculptural Candles You’ll Never Want to Burn


Not many of us would find the room in our homes for sculptures with a display-only purpose. With majority of Australians opting to live in high-density areas, often trading space for the opportunity to live in more populus suburbs near a city’s best amenities, there’s often not a whole lot of room prioritised for sculptural items in a home once the necessities are moved in.

But stick a wick out the top and pour them from wax, and suddenly a sculptural candle is 2020’s most desirable home decor trend — deserving a prime spot upon an already packed bookshelf or atop the dining room table.

The sculptural candle has been steadily gaining popularly for a few years now, although the trend has more recently exploded on Instagram as people spend more time indoors, either appreciating their indoor spaces or working to improve the way they feel at home with new aesthetic purchases.

Sculptural candles are different from regular candles in a couple of ways. For starters, they’re most often unscented, which means they’re purely for looks. And second, they’re seldom burnt for how stunning they appear in a home. Not to mention the fact they’re often sold at a higher price point. They are considered art, after all.

As for my favourites? Well, I have a few. Sculptural candles with colour tend to catch my eye. Considering the fairly neutral colour palette in my home, I find them a great way to add some colour personality. I’m also into sculptural candles in more organic forms, however, it’s hard to ignore a more traditional sculptural form like a bust.

Take a look at our favourite sculptural candles below.

Areaware Goober Candle, $58.50

The Goober Candle from Areaware takes four forms in unscented paraffin wax that burns slowly, and for around 40 hours. Described as playful and curious, the candles are designed and crafted by architects Mark Talbot and Youngjin Yoon in their Brooklyn studio.

areaware candle
Source: Areaware

Cire Trudon Louis XIV Bust Candle, $399

Just shy of $400, it’s understandable that you may never, ever decide to burn this baby. The rich navy tone is chic and moody while the detail is next to none — just look at those ringlets. It’s rather large being 35cm tall, so set aside some space in your home for this one. Perhaps on a plinth.

Source: Myer

HAY Pillar Candle, $73

The more the merrier is the case when it comes to creating a vignette with these statement candles. Created by Dutch designer Lex Pott for Danish home label HAY, the Pillar candles feature stacked segments of colourful wax. While it’ll take all your strength not to light a match on them, you’ll be pleased to know the wax cascades down the length of the candle when it burns, creating an even more exciting appearance.

Source: HAY

Andrej Urem Milk Candle, $136

Hand-poured in Brooklyn from eco-friendly beeswax and soy wax (from soybeans grown in the US), these Rubik’s Cube-esque candles from artist and designer Andrej Urem are designed to burn in a cylindrical shape down the centre, that ultimately illuminates the outer shell of the candle form while keeping it intact.

Source: Andrej Urem Instagram

Lex Pott Twist and Knot Candle, $85

Made in small quantities by Dutch designer Lex Pott, these sculptural candles never last long online. The fluid shape is of the candles, which need no base, are designed to showcase the flexibility of wax and embody “form, function and fun,” says Pott.

Source: Lex Pott

Lex Pott Tallow Standing Taper Candle, $41

Lex Pott proves once and for all that candlesticks are a thing of the past with this standing taper candle, currently available online from Urban Outfitters. With its own handle for easy transfer between rooms, we especially love the built-in dish to collect any wax drips from staining tabletops and furniture.

Source: Urban Outfitters

Hannah Candle Bust, US $80

You’ve seen her all over Instagram, and now you too can own your own influencer-approved wax bust. Available in seven on-trend shades, the candles are handmade in Brooklyn, New York, from 100% organic bee and soy wax. While these are available to ship from the US, we might recommend checking out a more local maker on Etsy.

Source: Hannah Candle

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