This Brand Is Making Men’s Below-the-Belt Grooming Easier

Below-the-belt grooming for men, or “manscaping” as it’s also known, isn’t a widely discussed topic. While the conversations might not be happening publically, it doesn’t mean the interest isn’t there. Enter: Meridian — the grooming brand that has created a handful of products that help men take care of their nether regions.

“Men’s ‘down-there’ care has historically been a taboo conversation topic,” Meridan co-founder Darwish Gani told Forbes. “The discussion has mostly been centred around gender norms and expectation, with personal grooming outside of the context of getting a haircut seen as less masculine.

“We’re here to help fight the stigma, improve education around grooming benefits, and provide a solution for your ‘down-there’ care with precision-grade products for your most prized possessions. Too often, men will neglect basic hygiene due to a lack of information. We want to help educate men on the benefits of proper grooming care.”

To take the guesswork out of it for guys, The Complete Package by Meridian is the “only package you need to take care of yours”. The Package contains The Trimmer, a waterproof trimmer that has been specifically designed for private parts but can also be used across your body.

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The Trimmer handles coarse and curly hair without tugs and pulls, which is a non-negotiable for below-the-belt grooming. It’s also completely waterproof, so can be used in the shower and thanks to the addition of rust-resistant ceramic blades, water won’t damage the head of The Trimmer.

As well as The Trimmer, The Complete Package also contains The Spray. This citrus-infused scent prevents undesirable odours and keeps you smelling fresh when you need it most. “The Spray is pH balanced and specially formulated to help neutralize odour and skin irritation,” Gani said. “It features a citrus-infused scent to leave you feeling fresher than ever.

“Key ingredients include Moringa Pterygosperma Seed Extract, a naturally derived anti-odour and anti-chafing agent; Witch Hazel to help relieve inflammation and irritation associated with chafing; Green Tea Leaf Extract, an anti-inflammatory agent to help prevent redness; and Gingko Biloba Nut Extract, a potent antioxidant that’s soothing and helps increase hydration.”

Meridian is based in the United States but offers global shipping so if you’re based in Australia, you can still shop The Complete Package for USD$70 in order to try out these tools for yourself.

“Men are hitting the gym, eating healthy, starting skincare routines, and dressing to impress… grooming south of the border should be just as important in any man’s hygiene routine,” Gani said.

“We’re dedicated to helping men look and feel fresher by giving them everything they need to protect those private parts, take precision-care ‘down there,’ and improve their overall hygiene and health.”

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