The Internet Agrees That These Are the Best Smelling Aftershaves


Aftershave is an important part of daily maintenance for many men. In addition to locking moisture in, aftershave also keeps skin healthy and helps stopp ingrown hairs and small cuts from irritating the face.

While there are many great aftershaves out there, there are just as many subpar ones, particularly when it comes to scent. And when you’re putting something on your face, the scent is more important than ever. 

It will be just under your nose — literally — so making sure that you have an aftershave that actually smells good is just as important as using it in the first place. Because smell is subjective, we’ve gone to the internet for some answers and looked at a very informative Reddit thread, to help conclude which aftershaves smell the best.

Here’s what smells great, according to men on Reddit.

Chiseled Face Groomatorium’s Ghost Town Barber Aftershave Splash

Handmade in small batches, this artisanal aftershave is sure to please. Containing aloe vera, witch hazel, calendula, seaweed, and vitamin B12, this concoction not only smells great but is great for soothing the skin. According to a reviewer on Amazon, “Ghost Town has a distinctive smell like no other aftershave. It goes with any occasion and is not overbearing.”

Chiseled Face Groomatorium
Image: Chiseled Face Groomatorium

Barrister and Mann’s Reserve Cool Aftershave

Another artisanal option, this aftershave is a crisp take on the classic barbershop scents. With citrus, lavender and bergamot, Barrister and Mann’s Cool Aftershave from the brand’s Reserve collection outshines your typical options. The screen-printed glass bottle makes for an overall great appearance as well, making this one the perfect holiday gift. 

Barrister and Mann
Image: Barrister and Mann

Skin Bracer’s Original Aftershave

If you’re looking for a wallet-friendly option, Skin Bracer’s original aftershave might be right up your alley. With a self-proclaimed “masculine scent”, reviewers attest to receiving compliments while wearing it. A great price, and a bit of a nostalgia to back it up, this is a classic you’ll love. 

Skin Bracer
Image: Skin Bracer

Stirling Soap Company’s Sandpiper Aftershave Splash

According to one Reddit user, Stirling Soap Company’s Sandpiper is “excellent summer scent, fruity, light citrus, [and an overall]  great scent.” Sounds pretty great, all things considered. Created in 2012 by Roderick and Amanda Loven after a trip to Scotland, the brand focuses on high-quality products made from natural ingredients — and this aftershave is no exception.

Stirling Soap Company
Image: Stirling Soap Company

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