This Beard Straightening Brush Is the Facial Hair Styling Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

When it comes to beard maintenance, you’ve probably never considered the possibility of adding a heat styling tool into your routine. You’re most likely already across the need for beard oil, as well as beard trimmers to keep your facial hair looking neat and tidy but Wahl has created a Beard Straightening Brush, which allows you to straighten your facial hair. Wild.

The concept of a straightening brush isn’t new and has long been used as a styling device for the hair on your head. But, Wahl has developed a straightener specifically designed for facial hair which avoids damaging your beard or burning your face.

While straightening your beard might seem unnecessary, for those who have unruly or coarse facial hair, it could be a gamechanger. The brush itself heats up to 180 degrees in under five minutes, which according to Beardbrand, is the sweet spot for using heat on hair, as anything above roughly 185 degrees celsius could begin to cause damage.

Image: Wahl

The addition of advanced Ceramic Tourmaline Technology in the Beard Straightening Brush heats the hair evenly and glides through your beard to give you a straight, smooth finish. And it only requires a few strokes through the hair to straighten it, so it doesn’t add too much time or effort to your grooming regime.

According to the review on the Shaver Shop website, which stocks the Beard Straightening Brush, the results are legit and work for those with relatively short facial hair as well as those with beards.

“At first I was rather sceptical, as I only have a relatively short “Goatee” (about 10cm). But to my surprise, this worked flawlessly. It turned my wirey mess into a manageable and well-kept beard. First-time users, I suggest you don’t use oil before use unless you use argan oil which has a high smoke point. I usually oil after straightening, with great results,” one reviewer wrote.

“Absolutely sensational! Brought this for hubby for Fathers Day. Quick and super easy. Hubby’s Beard looks great. I even tried it on my shoulder-length hair….. WOOZERS…. I think I’m buying another just for me. Hair was straight in under 2mins, not 40mins like with a traditional ceramic hair straighten. Great, GREAT, GREAT,” wrote another.

You can shop the Beard Straightening Brush by Wahl via Shaver Shop for $79.95.

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