Black and Indigenous Australian-Owned Indie Beauty Brands to Support

While reading, learning and educating yourself is the first step to being an anti-racist ally, another way is by spending your money with Black-owned businesses. Whether it’s a brand made in Australia or based overseas, supporting Black and Indigenous Australian makers helps to close the racial wealth gap.

Diversifying where you spend your money and opting to buy products from Indigenous brands also helps to strengthen local economies while also fostering job creation. If you started actively supporting businesses owned by people of colour, this would, in turn, help support their families and employees as well as other business owners and, according to Green America, would eventually “attract community investors who provide banking services, loans, and promote financial literacy — all things that build economic strength”.

We acknowledge that we need to continue our efforts to support Black and Indigenous-owned businesses, especially in the beauty industry. To begin showing this support, consider making your next beauty purchase from one of the brands on this list.

This is by no means an exhaustive list (check out this one filled with 200 Black-Owned indie beauty brands!) but we are updating this regularly. If there’s a brand you want us to add, please let us know by DMing us on Instagram @thelatch.com.au.

Bread Beauty Supply

Created by Maeva Heim, this Melbourne-based beauty brand fills a hole in the market for those with curly, coily or Afro hair. The newly launched business sells a range of “haircare basics for not so basic hair.”

“Whether you’re looking to transition away from chemical relaxers for the first time, or you’ve already been doing your own thing for a minute, we make sure you’ve got the fundamentals straight,” reads the Bread Beauty Supply website.

The range includes a hair cleanser, mask and oil as well as kits of all three products together. For those in Australia, you shop the range online, while those located in the United States can find Bread Beauty Supply exclusively stocked at Sephora.

Mented Cosmetics

For people of colour, finding a nude lipstick is no easy task with most nude makeup ranges only catering for people with white skin. After being unable to find a nude lippy that worked on their skin tone, Amanda E. Johnson and K.J. Miller decided to create their own.

“We realised the opportunity was much bigger than just lipstick,” Miller told Yahoo Life. “Ultimately neither of us felt that there was a premium brand really speaking to our beauty needs as women of colour.”

Johnson and Miller joined forces to create Mented, short for “pigmented”, a makeup range that includes multiple shade options across foundation, blush, setting powders and eyeshadows. All of Mented Cosmetics are also cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free and non-toxic.

“Our focus on nudes and neutrals for a broad range of skin tones is what truly sets us apart,” Miller told Yahoo Life.

While Mented Cosmetics currently only ships within the United States, you can shop Mented online via HSN.

Rumbie & Co

Founded by Rumbie Mutsiwa, Rumbie & Co is the name of the hair salon located in the Sydney suburb of Chippendale. This salon specialises in the fashioning and treatment of wavy, curly, and Afro hair.

Rumbie & Co also produce a line of hair care products that cater for curly and coily hair, which you can shop in person at the salon or via the Rumbie & Co website, including leave-in curl sprays, curl gels and curl treatments.

Willow & Co

Founded by footballer Kira-Lea Dargin, Willow & Co uses historical remedies to create modern skincare products including cleansers and toning mists. Willow & Co also sell a number of face masks made from clay and ochre.

“Resurrected from the fiery pits of ancient Aboriginal cultural, charcoal is one of the single greatest benefactors to the human race,” reads the Willow & Co website. “Dug from the depths of the earth clay and ochre have been used for many cultural practises.”

Native Secrets

Native Secrets is the brainchild of Phil and Cherie Thompson and was launched in 2014 in order “to share our culture and our ancestor’s stories of the medicinal flora and fauna.”

An abundance of traditional native plants are used in the Native Secrets products, which help to heal skin naturally and these leaves are often hand-picked to ensure no damage is done to the original plant so future generations are able to use it as well.

You can shop soy candles, essential oils, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, which contain ingredients like Quandong and eucalyptus oil, via the Native Secrets website.

Lowanna Natural Skin Care

Founded by Sinead Vandenbroek, a descendent of the Narungga people of the Yorke Peninsula region, Lowanna Natural Skin Care products are natural, plant-based and contain native ingredients including ylang-ylang and lemon myrtle.

Lowanna Natural Skin Care only launched in May this year, so it’s relatively new to the scene but is already creating an exciting buzz with glowing reviews.

Earth Blended

Gumbaynggirr woman, Jame, is the creator of Earth Blended, which sells blended essential oils to assist with wellbeing as well as pieces of her art. “Sharing my culture and our stories through my art and my passion for motherhood through contemporary Aboriginal art and blended black girl magic,” the website reads.

With essentials blends called ‘Calm‘, ‘Emotions‘ and ‘Focus‘, Earth Blended caters for a number of different needs and maladies.

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Kakadu Tiny Tots

Kakadu Tiny Tots was founded to fill the gap in the market of quality Indigenous children’s clothing. For 35 years, the head designer, Sheril Cahill, “has made and crafted jewellery, clothing and other garments for both her community and clients worldwide,” reads the website. “She is a highly respected traditional owner of Kakadu National Park.”

Kakadu Tiny Tots also stocks a skincare range, called Kakadu Organics Indigenous Skincare, which includes a Milk Cleanser and Native Hydrating Serum and contains ingredients like Native Desert Lime and Quandong and Kakadu Plum.

Bush Medijina

Born from a desire of the Warningakalina elders to address the need to build culture and capability in Groote Eylandt communities, Bush Medijina is governed by an all-female board and 80% of the team are Indigenous. “We create regular governance, leadership and women’s advocacy opportunities for our team and the wider community throughout the year,” reads the website.

The ladies of Bush Medijina use native botanicals to create a range of balms, hair products, body butter, scrubs and soaps. Follow @bush_medijina on Instagram for a behind-the-scenes look at the team behind this Indigenous brand.

Bush Balm

Using traditional knowledge and made from wild-harvested medicinal plants expertly collected on Aboriginal lands in Central Australia, the balms created by Bush Balm were originally produced by and for the growing number of Indigenous dialysis patients and their families who were forced to leave their country for treatment.

Bush Balm is run by Purple House, an Indigenous-owned and operated health service based in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. This social enterprise provides employment opportunities for patients and their families.

Shop the range of balms, soaps, creams and lip balms via the Bush Balm website.

Essentials by Temi

Created by beauty advisor Temi Shobowale, Essentials by Temi was created with luxury and wellness in mind and the product line includes mists, face oils and body scrubs. All products are free of cruelty, harsh chemicals and fillers and are instead infused with the “the power of plants, love and healing energy of precious stones.”

Based in Toronto, Canada, Essentials by Temi offers international shipping to Australia.

Damn Gina

Founded by Sumana Jayanth, who is Indian, not Black, Damn Gina still deserves a mention as the brand specialises in stylish silk accessories — like turbans, pillowcases and scrunchies — which work particularly well for curly, textured and coily hair. Damn Gina’s hair turban is made from high-quality 27-momme mulberry silk (making it thick and durable) and the internal silk inside the turban is layered with organic jersey cotton to give it structural integrity.

Wearing a silk turban can protect styled curls from humidity, static and dirt, which means you’ll have to wash it less and be able to safeguard your locks against frizz, distress and breakage. DJ, TV host and podcaster, FlexMami (below), is also a fan of Damn Gina, which is always a good sign.


Founded by Julie Okely, a proud Kamilaroi woman who was born in Coonabarabran, NSW. After years working in the hairdressing industry, Okely decided to meld her Aboriginal heritage and business knowledge to create her beauty business Dilkara Essence of Australia — the first range of hair care products using native Australian ingredients, including Kakadu Plum extract, Lilly Pilly Berry, Quandong and Lemon Myrtle.

According to the Dilkara website, all of the ingredients for Dilkara Australia — Original Formula have been sourced from local Indigenous communities. “Julie has chosen to work with these groups to assist them achieve authenticity behind her supply chain, and because she knows of the integrity and care that has been taken to grow and harvest these native elements.”


Juddarnje is a family-run beauty business with roots to the Bundjalung tribe of Northern New South Wales. All products are handmade in the Sunshine Coast using natural ingredients, with no nasties added including sodium lauryl sulfates, propylene glycols and parabens.

There are a number of face and body products to choose from including moisturiser, hand cream, cleansing milk and eye cream.

— Indigiearth

This Aboriginal owned and established beauty business is based in Mudgee, New South Wales. Founded by Sharon Winsor, a Ngemba Weilwan woman from Western NSW, Indigiearth uses “native Australian foods from Aboriginal communities who use traditional land management practices that respect the land.”

After years working in the food industry, Winsor decided to combine her skills to create Indigiearth, which offers native foods, candles, diffusers and skincare products including face mists, clay face masks and serums.

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Did you know?! Finger Lime contains a unique combination of powerful actives, Vitamin C, Tryptophan and Ferulic Acid, that helps to nourish and protect traumatised skin. This serum is great for sensitised, inflamed skin, eczema, barrier function support and dehydrated, flaky skin. Get your barrier function repaired and working naturally. Natural Vitamin C • Natural Acids – Tryptophan and Ferulic Acid • Sensitive and Sensitised Skin • Eczema • Exfoliation and Smoothness of Skin • Dermatitis • Psoriasis • Hydration Booster • Natural Antioxidants • Youth glow • Anti-wrinkle Collagen Boost • Support Barrier Function Repair • Anti-aging. #indigiearth #nativeaustralian #bushtucker

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The Honey Pot Company

Founder Bea Dixon decided to create her own line of feminine hygiene products that were 100% natural and “powered by herbs”.

“If you’re here because your honeypot is unhappy, I’ve been there,” Dixon said. “The whole reason I started The Honey Pot Co was because I was suffering from bacterial vaginosis for months and couldn’t get relief. One night, an ancestor visited me in a dream and gifted me with a vision to heal myself.”

The range of products include feminine wipes, wash and menstrual cups as well as organic tampons and herbal pads. While The Honey Pot Co is based in the United States, you can have product shipped to Australia via their website.

Black Girl Sunscreen

Created by Shontay Lundy, Black Girl Sunscreen makes natural sun protection products for women of colour. There are no parabens or harmful products used within the sunscreen and uses the “finest ingredients to shield and moisturise your melanated skin without the dreaded white residue common with most sunscreen.”

Black Girl Sunscreen is based in the United States but offers international shipping.


Founded by Nigerian born, LA and London based former beauty executive Sharon Chuter, UOMA is a brand that is rebellious, innovated and created for all. In creating UOMA, Chuter drew from her heritage “and infuses it with fierce modernity to create a truly fresh aesthetic.”

UOMA has a number of foundation, bronzer and concealer products in a range of inclusive shades, as well as lip, brow and eye products to choose from. You can order from the website as UOMA ships internationally.


Founded by entrepreneur Ozohu Adoh, EPARA was developed specifically for people of colour. When developing the skincare line, Adoh “went back to basics with organic ingredients from Africa that were best suited to African skins — and soon found a formula that worked wonders.”

The luxury skincare line includes masks, creams and balms. While EPARA is based in the United Kingdom, it offers international delivery to Austalia.

Scotch Porter

Founder Calvin Quallis quit his corporate job to open his own barber shop. From there, he experimented with botanicals and ingredients to create a line of products made for men. Scotch Porter has everything from skincare products for men to beard washes and conditioner.

“We’re married to the idea that men should be able to take care of themselves and not have to break the bank,” the website reads. “That we shouldn’t have to use products packed with harmful chemicals just to look and feel like a boss.”

Scotch Porter is based in the United States and ships internationally.

Beneath Your Mask

After battling the terrible effects of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) through conventional medical treatments and Chinese herbs and supplements, Dana Jackson created Beneath Your Mask in order to bring out a line of products that were “safe, non-irritating, and non-toxic for the skin to absorb and that would not challenge the immune system.”

Housed in chic minimalist packaging, Beneath Your Mask skincare products are good for you and look good on your bathroom shelf. Beneath Your Mask ships internationally.

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No one loves a multi-tasker more than us, and our Nourish Skin & Hair Serum delivers! Here’s 10, YES 10, ways to use Nourish! Let us know your favorite way to use Nourish in the comments, and swipe ⬅️ to see what our customers are saying!🖤 • 1. FACE SERUM Apply a pea-sized amount of Nourish with your fingertips, patting it on and then smoothing it out. 2. SCAR & STRETCH MARK SERUM Apply directly to scars and stretch marks to promote wound healing and reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. 3. SCALP OIL Apply Nourish directly to scalp and hairline. Using the pads of your fingers, gently apply pressure in a circular motion section-by-section throughout scalp and along hairline. 4. HAIR MASK Apply Nourish on dry hair, split ends and scalp. Massage with your fingers and leave on for about 30 minutes (or overnight) before washing hair. 5. DEEP CONDITIONER Mix 2 dropperfuls of Nourish with your regular deep conditioner, apply to hair and cover with shower cap then sit under a steamer for 30 minutes or wrap a hot towel around the shower cap. Rinse out. 6. MIX WITH YOUR LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER Mix a few drops of Nourish with your leave-in conditioner, massage throughout hair and style as you normally would. 7. ILLUMINATE CLARIFYING FACE MASK BOOSTER When mixing our Illuminate Clarifying Face Mask, put 2 – 3 drops of Nourish into your mixture to impart even and glowing skin. 8. BEARD OIL Put 2 – 3 drops of oil in your palms, spread it evenly in your palms and fingers and brush palms along the sides, front and bottom of your beard. 9. BODY OIL Before toweling off and while your skin is still damp, drop oil over your entire body, giving dry spots an extra does of oil. 10. HAND OIL Wash hands and massage a few drops of Nourish directly into damp hands.

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