Did The Wiggles Just Become the Greatest Triple J ‘Like a Version’ Performers, Ever?

In what could go down as one of the most iconic Aussie performances of all time, The Wiggles covered Tame Impala’s Elephant for Triple J’s Like a Version series, and people just went crazy for it. 

The Cube‘s Andy Lee went so far as to Tweet: “And the Hottest 100 has been won in the opening few weeks of 2021!!!” upon seeing the colourful groups rendition of the indie track, while comedian Adam Spencer pondered whether the performance was “the greatest thing ever”, (short answer: probably.)

“We wanted to choose something Australian,” said Emma Wiggle in an interview with Triple J. “For most of the time that we’ve had the honour of going to The ARIAs, we get to see Tame Impala a lot on stage.”

“We’ve never really met them properly but we thought that we’d like to pay tribute to this amazing Australian band.”

“We know people take [Like A Version] very seriously. So we didn’t want to stuff it up. Also, it’s an amazing song, and it’s deceptively hard,” former blue wiggle Anthony Field added.

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Over the years, Triple J has brought us countless memorable moments as a stellar line up of artists have covered some of the most popular songs of all time. While The Wiggles may have just taken the crown for everyone’s favourite, these renditions were pretty damn great too.

Childish Gambino, So Into You

Tamia’s 1998 track was impeccably stripped down and performed by Childish Gambino in what can only be described as history (and baby) making musical moment.

Seriously, I’m feeling flustered just writing about it. Check out the clip to see what I mean.


Boy and Bear, Don’t You Forget About Me 

Taking on a track as iconic as Simple Minds’ Don’t You Forget About Me, must have been a bit of a nerve-racking endeavour but Aussie darling Boy and Bear delivered an epic 5-minute version with the help of Sydney singer-songwriter Annie Hamilton.

Hamilton’s whimsical vocals give the cover an almost ethereal quality that would surely make Jim Kerr and co. proud.

Montaigne, Chandelier 

I dare you to listen to Montaigne cover Sia’s Chandelier and not feel deeply moved. There is something so haunting about the way the singer quietly approaches the first rendition of the chorus instead of launching right into the searing notes of the original.

Montaigne chooses to emit the lyrics softly, almost cautiously, so when she sings the line “I’m holding on for dear life” you get the sense that her resolve is almost spent. This musical choice makes it even more powerful when she does allow her vocals to take off, delivering a soul-shaking take on a much-loved hit.

Thandi Phoenix, Glory Box 

Portishead’s Dummy is still one of my favourite albums of all time and Glory Box was undoubtedly one of the most popular tracks from said album.

Thandi Phoenix’s version of this trip-hop classic, complete with a freaking orchestra and back-up singers, not to mention the Gospel inspired crescendo is truly nothing short of musical genius. Play this one on repeat.

Billie Eilish, Bad 

Billie Eilish’s version of Michael Jackson’s Bad is just some next level, breathy, sexy, soulful s—t. The young singer croons this enduring classic with her trademark effortlessly cool approach, choosing to put a bluesy, jazzy spin on the pop track.

Eilish, as usual, just makes performing look so easy and her laconic vocals elevate the massively popular hit to another level entirely.

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