Opening Night at the Inaugural Chinese Film Festival Promises Mystery and Feminine Power

green night chinese film festival

There’s something so inexplicably magical about getting lost in a new world onscreen, surrounded by strangers. It’s the shared laughter, communal tears, and maybe even the thunderous applause as the credits begin to roll that makes cinemagoing so special. And you can always find a story that resonates with you. From blockbusters to the niche corners of world cinema, there’s something for you. The inaugural Chinese Film Festival, presented by HSBC, is all about exposing you to some of those stories.

Taking place at various cinemas around the country, the festival is all about highlighting Chinese cinema. Aligning with the Lunar New Year, the festival’s program is stacked with thought-provoking films, stretching from thriller to comedy to romance. You can check out the full program here, but you’ll need to look no further than opening night to get sucked into all the event has to offer.

Chinese Film Festival Opening Night Details

green night chinese film festival
Credit: Chinese Film Festival

As mentioned, the Chinese Film Festival aligns with the Lunar New Year. The festival will take place from February 15 — 18, in select cinemas in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, and the Gold Coast.

Find the exact screening locations below:

The festival takes place simultaneously across these locations, so everyone will get the chance to see the same movie on the same day. The opening night’s film? Green Night.

What’s Green Night All About?

green night chinese film festival
Credit: Chinese Film Festival

Green Night is the type of crime-led thriller that grips you and doesn’t let you go until those pivotal final moments. We meet Jin Xia, on the run from her past, who marries an oppressive Korean man in exchange for legal status in South Korea. However, on a fateful night, Xia meets an alluring and enigmatic woman whom she can’t resist.

The problem? This woman is dangerous, and the two end up in the world of drug dealing, and worse. After making a not-so-accidental accident, the two women go on the run (but Xia can’t help but return to the scene of the crime).

Why You Should Watch Green Night

green night chinese film festival
Credit: Chinese Film Festival

Despite the crimes committed, at Green Night‘s centre is the liberation of Jin Xia. She’s on the run from her past, her present and, eventually, the law. While her adventures are often shrouded in noirish mystery and darkness, she is no longer content with doing whatever she needs to do to survive. She’s done being complacent, and she wants to live. The green-haired woman she’s enamoured with is doing just that. And their story will have you both rooting for them and biting your nails at the same time, all the way until the end.

Of the film, director Han Shuai noted the similarities between her film and a 90s feminist classic.

“The first draft of Green Night was similar to Thelma & Louise,” Shuai said.

“I wanted to propose a different take on two women on the run after committing a crime. My co-writer for Green Night and my long-time writing partner Lei Sheng added another layer to the story’s obstacles, reflecting the idea that an invisible hand restrains women’s agency and maybe gender equality is, after all, an illusion.”

So, don’t let Green Night get away from you. Head to the Chinese Film Festival’s official website to find out more about the event’s opening night, and grab your tickets now.

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