Meet Electric Fields, the Aussie Band Set to Take Over Eurovision

Electric Fields is performing in Eurovision 2024

Since 2015, Australia has been behind one of the greatest traditions of our time. For that was the first year that Australia, a country that’s famously not in Europe, competed in Eurovision. On a Vienna stage, Guy Sebastian belted his feel-good anthem “Tonight Again”, placing fifth.

From that night until now, Australia has been behind some killer Eurovision performances. We all devoured Jessica Mauboy’s “We Got the Love”, and Sheldon Riley’s “Not the Same instigated some much needed discussions about autism. Even last year, Voyager’s heavy metal “Promise” was a vibe.

What’s more, 2024 might finally be the year Australia takes home the Eurovision crown. In Malmö, Sweden, the electro-pop band Electric Fields will be representing Australia, and their song “One Mikali” is pure brilliance. 

“One Mikali”, which loosely translates to ‘One Blood’, depicts an Earth that’s united both by kinship and disco music. The extraordinary voice of Zaachariaha Fielding describes how we are all connected in the cosmos. Meanwhile, the keyboard beats of Michael Ross make you believe that such a future will come true. 

This message of unity extends to the languages that this song contains. “One Mikali” is sung in English, Pitjantjatjara, and Yankunytjatjara. Both Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara are First Nation languages that belong to the Anangu peoples. They were created by one of the oldest living cultures on our earth.

According to Fielding and Ross, they’re thrilled to be representing Australia in Eurovision 2024. They wait to give this competition their all.

“We are buzzed with euphoria at our chance to share this music with the world,” Fielding and Ross said. “Our music comes from the deepest place in both of us, and Eurovision is the most exciting opportunity to bring together our cultures and share the joy of our global connection.”

Electric Fields: The Other Bops

If you can’t get enough of Electric Fields’ “One Mikali”, you should give their other songs a go. Electric Fields have been around since 2015, and they’ve created some certified hits over the years.

For instance, Electric Fields’ “2000 and Whatever” has an incredible beat, while their 2023 hit, “We the People”, should be Australia’s next anthem. But if you play any of their other songs from their discography, you won’t be disappointed. 

Eurovision 2024: When It Drops

If you want to watch the Eurovision Grand Finals, it’s taking place on Sunday, 12 May. The event will be airing on SBS and streaming on SBS On Demand, so plan your parties now!

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