Immerse Yourself in Spellbinding Storytelling at the Chinese Film Festival This Year

green night chinese film festival

A new year means plenty of new movies for the biggest cinephiles, casual film lovers, and everyone in between to enjoy. Coinciding with one of the most widely celebrated and colourful dates in the calendar year, the inaugural Chinese Film Festival, presented by HSBC, is the perfect way to immerse yourself in all things Lunar New Year.

Taking place around the country, the festival will showcase some of the best in new Chinese cinema. Featuring some spellbinding stories and stars that you already love, and stars you’ll soon fall in love with, the event is going to open up your eyes, ears, minds and hearts of movie-lovers nationwide.

From what movies are screening to where you can watch them, here are all the deets for the first-ever Chinese Film Festival, brought to you by HSBC.

When is the Chinese Film Festival?

The festival will take place from Thursday, February 15 — Sunday, February 18. This coincides with the Lunar New Year celebrations, marking the Year of the Dragon.

Where is the Chinese Film Festival?

One of the best parts about this event is that it’s happening in cinemas around the country simultaneously, thanks to Dendy, Palace, and Palace Nova. The full list of screening locations is as follows:

Which Films are Playing at the Chinese Film Festival?

Over four nights, the festival will not only showcase some of the best in new Chinese cinema.  meaning there’s something for everyone.

Green Night

green night chinese film festival
Credit: Chinese Film Festival

Starring cinema icon Fan Bingbing, Green Night follows two women who are enveloped in crime and subsequently go on the run. But, unlike some films that follow a similar story, Green Night director Han Shuai said she added another layer to the film that makes it completely stand on its own.


absence chinese film festival
Credit: Chinese Film Festival

A tense, emotional story documenting reunited lovers after one returns from a decade-long prison sentence. They’re forced to re-examine their connection, balancing the willingness to move on, while also making up for lost time and avoiding unearthing old wounds.

All Ears

all ears chinese film festival
Credit: Chinese Film Festival

All Ears follows struggling screenwriter Wen Shan, who makes his ends meet by writing eulogies. Shan’s a man whose life feels like it’s standing still while he tries to sum up the entire lives of others in so many words that their memory feels eternal. Eventually, Shan starts to note the luxury in what he’s always seen as mediocrity and sees Beijing in a whole new light.

Farewell My Concubine — 4K Restoration

farewell my concubine
Credit: Chinese Film Festival

30 years after this classic Chinese film premiered at Cannes Film Festival, where it took home the Palme d’or, Farewell My Concubine has been restored in 4K for an entirely new generation to watch.

Snow Leopard

snow leopard chinese film festival
Credit: Chinese Film Festival

Bringing an entirely fresh perspective to the subgenre of household family drama, Snow Leopard pits a family against each other after the titular beast breaks into their pen and kills nine rams. Some beg for compassion, some beg for vengeance, and the rift is put under a microscope once a TV crew comes to the village.

The Breaking Ice

the breaking ice chinese film festival
Credit: Chinese Film Festival

On the festival’s closing night, viewers will be able to wrap themselves in the love story of Haofeng, Nana, and Xiao. After bonding over a drunken weekend, the three subsequently begin to unpack their trauma and why they’ve all become so complacent in life. Director Anthony Chen said the movie was born out of impulse and spontaneity, following pandemic-induced lockdowns. This is a movie about, above all else, seeking freedom.

Where Can I Get Tickets to the 2024 Chinese Film Festival?

You can grab tickets to the 2024 Chinese Film Festival from all participating cinemas — Dendy, Palace, and Palace Nova. Grab your tickets for this must-see cinematic event today.

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