The Epic ‘MAFS’ Australia Dinner Parties Are Filmed in This Trendy Sydney Suburb

Married At First Sight dinner parties are a highly anticipated event in the world of Australian reality TV. This year is no different, and the 2024 season promises a new array of bombshell revelations and drama. Throughout the season, we’ll undoubtedly see some couples arrive loved up, some arrive at odds with each other, and some arrive separately. 

The dinner party scenes are always fun to watch. The couples can compare their relationship progress to the others and, of course, the experts are always watching. Through the dinner parties, our experts offer commentary and insight into the behaviours of the people they have sent down the aisle. 

But if you’re interested about where all the romance and drama goes down, read on!

Where are the Married At First Sight dinner parties filmed?

Lilyfield Sydney
Image: Getty Images

Married At First Sight dinner parties are filmed in the Sydney suburb of Lilyfield. 

Located in Sydney’s Inner West between Annandale, Leichhardt and Rozelle, Lilyfield is a trendy, yet family-friendly area that boasts an enviable lifestyle. Set on the famous Bay Run, Lilyfield is popular for both sightseers and runners alike.

These days, it’s also become something of a tourist attraction for MAFS fans. The suburb is also known as a bit of a foodie heaven, especially given the diverse mix of inhabitants who call the area home. 

where is the mafs dinner party filmed
Image: Channel 9

Industrial Chic, or Just Industrial?

Despite the industrial chic appearance of the warehouse that the MAFS couples are chauffeured to each week, the reality is that the location is more on the industrial side and less on the elegant scale. 

The 1,200sqm loft space is rented by the Married at First Sight team each year. They transform it into the sleek-looking space we see on TV. The loft can be used for pretty much all things MAFS — the pre-dinner drinks, the dinner itself, and the nail-biting commitment ceremonies.

If you’ve watched even one dinner party episode, though, you’ll know that the contestants like to throw back a drink or 10, and who can blame them, really? What might come as a surprise, though, is that they all have to share one toilet. No wonder the participants always seem so intense at these things — they’re probably bursting to use the damn bathroom! 

where is the mafs dinner party filmed
Image: Channel 9

Married at First Sight airs Sunday – Thursdays, only on 9 and 9Now on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up on 9Now.

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