SEEK Releases “Bedtime Rhymes” That Aim to Reduce Career Anxiety at Night


The COVID-19 pandemic has massively impacted the livelihood of many and completely changed the way we work.

According to new data conducted on behalf of employment marketplace, SEEK, 48% of Australians have had their daily work routines impacted by COVID-19. The research also shows that 44% of people are staying up at night thinking about work.

To help Aussies manage this job-related anxiety, SEEK has teamed up with rap artist, Briggs and music streaming platform, Spotify, to create the ‘SEEK Sleepmix’.

Developed alongside SEEK’s resident psychologist Sabrina Read, Briggs has written and rapped a series of bespoke bedtime rhymes to put you at ease, as well as voiced career advice. The career advice is also mixed in with relaxing tunes based on your own Spotify behaviour.

The audio has also been given the tick of approval by Bill Thompson, professor and director of music, sound and performance lab at Macquarie University, who consulted on the tracks to make sure they will resonate with as many people as possible.

SEEK’s research also showed that 76% of Aussies find it hard to get to sleep when they’re feeling anxious, worried or overwhelmed — feelings we’ve all experienced over the last few months.

“COVID-19 and its impacts have taken a toll on all of us,” Read said. “Australians are now facing issues that they’ve never had to deal with before — reduced hours, sudden redundancy and having to take on new ways of working.

“When we are faced with uncertainty, our default is to look for predictability, understanding and solutions and when we can’t find those things it can affect the way we feel and behave. It can also leave us feeling stuck and unsure of what to do next.”

You might not think that listening to calming music can reduce anxiety and worry, Thompson says otherwise.

“Sound and music can shape our moods and influence how we understand ourselves and the world around us,” he said. “The right sounds can brighten our mood and help us to unwind, focus, and plan our futures creatively and effectively.

“When building the Sleepmix there were a number of elements that had to be taken into consideration — including the mnemonic, soundscape and the lyrics of the bedtime rhymes — optimising elements such as tempo, emotional tone, complexity and length.”

Similar to guided meditations, popping on a Sleepmix will help calm and focus your mind and hopefully invite slumber.

“Sleeptime podcasts are something I’ve turned to from time to time, and a reason why I was excited to get involved with Sleepmix,” said Briggs. “Given the current climate of the world we are in, I thought it was time I try something new, different times call for different measures. Maybe a new approach is what you need? Give it a shot.”

You can find the SEEK Sleepmix on Spotify.

Independent research conducted by Nature on behalf of SEEK. Interviewing 4,800 Australians annually.

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