The Scandinavian Sleep Method Could Be Key to Getting Better Rest

Scandinavian Sleep Method

Though the Scandinavian Sleep Method isn’t new — it describes the way Scandinavians have slept for hundreds of years — it’s trending again on TikTok.

In a video shared by creator Levitex (@levitex), which has racked up nearly 17k likes, the Scandinavian Sleep Method is described as both partners having a single duvet each in bed, sleeping atop a fitted sheet and mattress.

“The principle is that it’s another opportunity for you to have your own sleep environment, whilst not having to go through the sleep divorce of being in separate rooms,” says the creator. “I personally love it because you get to really navigate what you do with your own warmth, without disturbing your partner. And then you both get to stay in the bed.”

@levitex Rate my partner ? #scandinaviansleepmethod #scandi #bruce ♬ original sound – Levitex

Another TikToker, Shannon Sweeney (@shopshannonsweeney), shared that she and her partner learnt about the method when they visited Scandinavia. Her accommodation bed had two duvets instead of one and no top sheet.

“We started doing this a few years ago [at home] after we learnt about it, and it makes such a difference,” she says. “It’s perfect because we both get our optimal temperatures and we’re not fighting over the blanket all night.”

Body temperature differs slightly from person to person, which means some people are more sensitive to heat or cold than others, notes a blog post on Sleep Foundation. Temperatures during sleep might also vary and people manage that by adjusting their covers and sleeping position. Often, this isn’t in sync with their bed partner.

@shopshannonsweeney The Scandinavian Sleep Method is relationship saving!!!! ??‍? when we got married, we struggled to sleep comfortably. My husband’s grandparents lived in Norway for a few years, and they kept doing this.. so we tried it! We’ve never turned back ? Instead of two duvets, my husband uses the quilt (he prefers it) and we haven’t used a top sheet in years. Theyre always in the way anyways ? We just wash the duvet cover/quilt like you would the sheet, and its sooooo much better. As far as styling, if you dont want the crease in the middle of the bed, i would just double up on duvets! Just put one ontop of the other, and it will look super fluffy which is better anyways ? ☁️ #homedecor #interiordecor #scandiaesthetic #scandinaviansleepmethod ♬ My Love Mine All Mine – Mitski

“Thermoregulation is a crucial factor for sleep quality,” the post reads. “When sleepers are unable to regulate temperature, insomnia worsens and sleep quality suffers. Using two duvets allows each person freedom over their temperature while sleeping.”

The post also argues that the cost of two doonas is less than that of two beds, which would require two mattresses and two sheet sets. It’s also a practical option for couples who need to sleep separately, but don’t have space for two beds.

If you’re considering trying the Scandinavian Sleep Method, we’re sharing a few of the best small-size doonas on the market to consider fluffing out on your bed.

Bonny All Rounder, $399

This lightweight quilt comes in a single size. The doona promises warmth in winter and coolness in summer. The brand has a thicker Winter option that comes in single size, too.

Bonny duvet

Pillow Talk Hotel & Home Superior Microfibre Quilt, $209

This quilt comes in a 350-thread count cover. It has a double-gusseted air layer design that traps a central pocket of air, doubling the warmth.

Tontine Junior Quilt Single, $42.95

This quilt is meant for a child’s bed, but is the perfect size for two people trying the Scandinavian Sleep Method in a double, queen or king bed.

Scandinavian Sleep Method

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