The Trick to Washing an Oodie So It Stays Snuggly All Winter Long

how to wash an oodie

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of an Oodie before. They’re everywhere. But if not and you’re keen to know more, or even if you just want to brush up on what exactly one is and how it came about, read on.

What Is an ‘Oodie’?

Well, it’s the brainchild of two South Australian brothers — shop local! — and essentially it’s an oversize, wearable, hooded blanket. Or, as the official website said, the Iodie “is the warmest, most scrumptious and utterly buttery piece of clothing you will ever own.” Lined with sherpa, it features a kangaroo pouch for… storing snacks in, most likely.

If you’re yet to own one or see someone wearing one — apparently it makes you (me) look like a navy Oompa Loompa — well, you’ve definitely seen them all over your Instagram ads.

Where Can I Buy an Oodie?

They are an investment at over $100 a pop, which means it’s no surprise that other companies are ripping it off coming up with their own more affordable versions. Big W has a $40 version in a variety of colours and prints — including a Cookie Monster patterned option.

The Iconic also offers a “luxury” option, for those looking for a more stylish Oodie. There are ones with ice creams splashed upon them, and a rainbow one with sparkles printed on it.

Cotton On has come out with the “Snugget” — a snuggly jacket, we think? — and for this, they’re offering versions for both parents and kids. Best of all? The patterns go across both, so how’s that for a cute family portrait?

If you’re looking for a cheap option, Kmart is your best bet. Their “pull over gown” is only $29 dollars — and is only remaining in one size, so hop on it.

How to Wash an Oodie

Been convinced to purchase one? Good, they’ll change your life. But yes, as you’ll soon spend all your time in them, you should know how to take care of them.

According to Oodie (yes, the actual company) how to wash an Oodie is pretty easy. The site said to best preserve “the cuddliness and softness” of the product for as long as possible, to hand wash in cold water.

That’s not the only option if you’re not a fan of hand washing. You can machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle — just make sure you only use mild detergents. Also, don’t mix with other colours in the wash, and, when washed, don’t tumble dry, iron, or dry clean. The second it’s dry, it’s time to get right back into it.

Didn’t splurge on an Oodie but went for one of the cheaper alternatives? Most of them are either hand or machine washable, but it’s always best to check the tag.

And that’s how to wash an Oodie.

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