Restflix Is the Streaming Service Designed to Help You Fall Asleep


It’s getting late but you’re halfway through bingeing a series on Netflix and decide that one more episode won’t hurt! Next minute, it’s the early hours of the morning and you’re wired from watching a whole series in one sitting.

While Netflix isn’t a friend to your sleeping patterns, streaming service Restflix has literally been designed to help you fall asleep.

According to Mashable Australia, Restflix offers a wide variety of video content including guided meditations and bedtime stories as well as calming sounds, music and pretty views to watch as you drift off.

There are over 20 channels to choose from and new content is added weekly — but chances are you probably won’t make it through the hundreds of hours of content as you’ll (hopefully) be snoozing.

Additionally, there aren’t any ads within the service, so you won’t be disturbed when you’re trying to fall to sleep.

There’s also content specially made for kids, so if you’re having trouble calming your children down before bed, consider throwing on a Restflix kids meditation.

The effectiveness of the audio created by the service is down to the use of binaural beats, which according to Healthline, is when two different sound frequencies are used (one in each ear), but your brain hears it as one single frequency.

Binaural beats are said to induce a similar mental state as meditation and can help reduce anxiety, increase relaxation and lower stress levels, says Healthline. The inclusion of binaural beats in Restflix helps to calm your brain and send you off to sleep quicker.

Much like Netflix, Restflix works on a subscription basis with a three-year-subscription costing you US$149. Restflix is currently only available in the United States and Canada but just like accessing American Netflix, you might be able to access Restflix with the addition of a VPN.

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