This Cooling Headband Designed for Sleep Literally Calms a Racing Mind

One of the biggest barriers to sleep is mental chatter. When thoughts about work, family and responsibilities (or that cringey thing you said at a party four years ago) continually swirl through your mind while you lay in bed, it makes it pretty difficult to fall asleep.

There are a number of ways to help ease the mindless chatter, including meditation exercises and avoiding technology before bed but a new-to-us device is also making waves for its ability to calm racing thoughts through temperature control. The device is a headband that you wear on your forehead at night and it continuously cools you as you sleep.

The therapeutic device, which is called the CoolDrift and is created by a company called Ebb, uses ‘PrecisionCool’ technology to maintain a precise temperature during use, adjusting to your body’s natural fluctuations. Previous research has shown metabolic activity in the frontal cortex of the brain to be greatly reduced when the forehead was cooled, which in turn, helps to reduce the feeling that your mind is racing.

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The technology literally keeps your forehead cool at night in order to quiet the thoughts in your brain and help induce sleep. Pretty wild, right? While the temperature is cool, it isn’t cold enough to trigger your body’s pain receptors and cause any discomfort.

The device is backed by 10 studies, involving 340 participants across 6,500 nights and was found to help people with sleeplessness fall asleep quickly and achieve deep and restorative sleep. And best of all, for those who suffer from chronic sleeplessness, this device doesn’t involve any medications or prescription drugs to help with sleep.

Starting at USD $249, the device is definitely an investment but something to consider if mental chatter is a constant for you. As someone who deals with racing thoughts most nights, I would consider dropping some dosh to give this device a go.

Ebb is based in the United States but does deliver to certain countries across the world. Head to the Ebb website for more information.

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