Six of the Coolest Games From The Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase

Not wanting to get left behind by PC platforms like Steam, Nintendo has been leaning heavily on the indie game developer scene as of late to bring new and exciting games to the Nintendo Switch console.

During the latest Indie World presentation, Nintendo showcased a wide selection of games coming to the Switch soon. The games have all been brought to life by a variety of independent publishing and development partners from around the world.

The presentation included seven games, which are launching today, as well as highlights to look forward to in the coming months.

“This latest Indie World showcase features a diverse selection of indie games from our independent development partners all over the world,” said Steve Singer, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of publisher and developer relations.

“Nintendo Switch continues to be the ideal platform for players who want a wide variety of indie games that can be played at home or on the go.”

If you’re anything like us, bored in lockdown, here’s the best of the bunch to get your teeth into and ward off that cabin fever.

Axiom Verge 2

The prequel to the original game, the game sees a new hero explore the bizarre world of Axiom Verge. She is powered by the same microscopic machines that slowly consume her humanity and uses her powers to flip between two interconnected worlds — one physical and one virtual — to uncover the origins of the Axiom universe.

Created by: Thomas Happ Games

Released: August 12

Islanders: Console Edition

Islanders is going to be a great one for fans of Animal Crossing. It’s all about creating your own tiny little islands and is kitted out with a beautiful visual landscape and peaceful soundtrack.

Developing an island by placing buildings from your inventory to score enough points and earn more buildings to build with.  Once you’ve created your island masterpiece, you can simply move on to a new island to start all over again. It’s gaming minimalism at its finest.

Created by: GrizzlyGames / Coatsink

Released: August 12


Discover a beautifully detailed post-apocalyptic world in Eastward, an action-adventure RPG with puzzle-solving and dungeon elements. In a near-future society on the brink of collapse, a hardworking miner called John discovers a young girl named Sam in a secret underground facility. The pair embark on an emotional journey to discover the truth, traveling across a wonderfully weird world and exploring bustling towns, curious campsites and shady forests.

Created by: Pixpil / Chucklefish

Released: September 16

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

A hyper-retro futuristic, graffiti action-adventure that looks like a mash up of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Underground 2 and Borderlands but with breakdancing instead of shooting.

In what many have already noticed is a very similar game to the early-2000s cult favourite Jet Set Radio, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk sees you grind, paint, and combo your way up to become an All City King of a sprawling metropolis.

Created by: Team Reptile

Released: Early 2022

Far: Changing Tides

Set sail for a new journey in this atmospheric vehicle adventure set in the post-apocalyptic universe first introduced in FAR: Lone Sails. Captain your own seafaring vessel and explore a vast flooded landscape, tackle mighty storms and overcome conundrums while embarking on a voyage to find a new home. It’s an emotional, meditative journey and you don’t need to have played the rest of the FAR series to enjoy it.

Created by: Okomotive / Frontier Foundry

Released: Early 2022.

Metal Slug Tactics

If you’ve ever spent any time at all in an arcade, you’ve played Metal Slug. The 2D shoot-em-up sidescroller is one of gaming’s most legendary series and is being updated for 2021.

Metal Slug Tactics moves franchise into a new dimension with tactical combat mechanics while retaining the detailed pixel art and explosive action. Control familiar Metal Slug heroes such as Marco, Tarma, Fio and Eri in fast-paced, dynamic battles.

Created by: Leikir Studio / Dotemu

Released: Early 2022

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