Meet BINGE’s Fresh and Thrilling New Series, ‘Mix Tape’

BINGE is back, baby! That’s right, this streaming service is collabing with Aquarius Films, Screen Australia, and Screen Ireland to create a brand new series. What’s more, this series has an intriguing name, Mix Tape.

In a press release announcing the new project, Alison Hurbert-Burns, Executive Director Commissioning, Content and BINGE said that the streaming platform is “searching for stories that take our audience into a world they can lose themselves in but also be challenged by”.

She added: “Mix Tape is a nostalgic, music filled love story that will jump off the screen and make you say, ‘what if?'”

The series is set to be filmed in both Australia and Ireland, as we follow the characters’ story across the world.

“A co-production allows us to tell this Australian and international story at a scale that will capture the audience’s imagination and reinforces our commitment to creating premium, must-watch  original stories,” Hurbert-Burns said.

But what is this series all about? Who is directing it? When is it dropping in Australia?

Here are all the Mix Tape details we know.

What Is Mix Tape About?

The plot of Mix Tape centres on two teenagers, Alison and Daniel, who live in the English city of Sheffield in 1978. These two youngsters fall in love and bound over the joys of music.

Years later, as adults, Alison and Daniel reconnect. They begin to exchange songs again, which leads them to rekindling some old feelings. But is music enough to make this relationship last?

Is Mix Tape Based on a Novel?

Yes! Mix Tape will be adapted from the Jane Sanderson novel of the same name. Sanderson has also written Netherwood, Eden Falls, and Waiting for Sunshine.

Who Will Star in Mix Tape?

As it stands, no cast members have been announced for this project, but watch this space! We’ll update this article as soon as more details become available.

Who Will Direct Mix Tape?

The director of Mix Tape is the hyper-talented Lucy Gaffy. This artist is responsible for directing the likes of Doctor Doctor, Irrelevant, and Totally Completely Fine.

Who Will Be Writing the Adaptation?

Since novels are very different from screenplays, Sanderson will not be writing this version of her story. Instead, Jo Spain will be taking the reins on the four-part miniseries. Previously, Spain has worked on Harry Wild, Irrelevant, and Sanditon

Mix Tape’s Release Date

As it stands, Mix Tape doesn’t have a cast, let alone a release date. But we’ll keep you in the loop when this info drops.

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