From North Beach to the NT — Here’s Where ‘The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’ Was Filmed

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart has more than a beautiful title. It stars the enigmatic Sigourney Weaver, the talented Alycia Debnam-Carey, and a riveting narrative about self-discovery. What’s more, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart features some stunning filming locations across the breadth of Australia. 

According to the Executive Producer, Jodi Matterson, the Aussie landscape was an essential character in this narrative.

In an interview with POPSUGAR Australia, she said, “Our director, Glendyn Ivin, and director of photography, Sam Chiplin, along with the producing team at Made Up Stories, spent a lot of time scouting for locations. Australia is the only place where this series could have been shot.”

But where are these locations? Let’s jump into the facts.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’s Filming Locations

Grafton — NSW

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In The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, the Northern NSW town of Grafton is a stand-in for the fictional town of Wyuna. Both these towns have cosy community vibes that contrast well against the series’ dark undertones.

Mylestom — NSW

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Another important story location is Hideaway Beach. This beach symbolises both the potential and uncertainty of life.

For the whole of this series, Hideaway Beach’s filming location was North Beach at Mylestom. North Beach is a magic vista of tumbling waves, sand, and an endless, magnetic horizon. 

Scone — NSW

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The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart needed an incredibly special filming location to be its Thornfield. This is because joints like the Thornfield Flower Farm and Hart House are the centre of this narrative. These places mean so much to Alice Hart.

Fortunately, the creative team behind this production stumbled across Scone. NSW’s Scone is a town of 5000 people and heritage-listed icons.

According to Matterson, Thornfield Flower Farm was filmed at Scone’s Bickham House, while Hart House was filmed at Doust House. Both of these places are brimming with fairy tale vibes.

Alice Springs and Western Arrernte —  NT

The Northern Territory
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At the end of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, Alice travels to the Red Centre. And is there any place better suited to such a fictional place than Australia’s real Northern Territory?

To be specific, this series filmed its finale in both Alice Springs and Western Arrernte. They travel down Alice’s Springs Larapinta Trail. They even go to the Simpsons Gap.

The NT, what a flawless place to conclude this series at, aye.

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