‘One Night’ Is Shaping Up to Become the Series of the Year — Here’s Why

We’re calling it now. One Night is a series that will contain the spiciest drama and details. ‘Cause its premise goes hard. A pitch this strong hasn’t dropped in ages.

Here are all the One Night details you need to know.

One Night’s Story

The story of One Night centres on a novelist named Simone. For years, Simone has been struggling to write a hit book. Yet, at the age of 40, Simone finally finds her inspiration. She writes about a traumatic event that she experienced 20 years ago. Her recount then goes on to become a smash hit.

However, two of Simone’s friends, Tess and Hat, aren’t stoked with this story. This is because they also experienced said traumatic event alongside Simone. Tess and Hat feel like Simone’s story isn’t accurate, not hers to share, and full of unwelcome memories.

Will Simone’s book tear these friends apart? Will the perpetrators of the traumatic event reveal themselves once again? Only One Night knows such answers.

One Night’s Cast

The cast of One Night includes Nicole da Silva, Jodie Whittaker, and Yael Stone.

In this programme, Silva plays Simone. Before being cast in this series, Silva starred in All Saints, Rush, and Wentworth.

Additionally, Whittaker is Tess, and Stone is Hat. Whittaker was iconic in Broadchurch, while Stone was fantastic in Orange Is the New Black and Bay of Fires.

One Night’s Creator

This series was created and written by Emily Ballou. Previously, Ballou wrote episodes of Taboo and The Slap.

What’s more, it was also directed by Catherine Millar. Millar’s filmography includes the likes of Doctor Doctor and Back to the Rafters.

One Night’s Trailer

One Night’s Premiere

One Night premieres on Friday, September 1.  It’ll be streaming exclusively on Paramount+.

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