How Am I Supposed to Break My 10-Year Sex Drought During a Global Pandemic?

Mel Lucarelli

Mel Lucarelli shot to fame on season six of Married at First Sight when she was paired with a spiritual meditation coach, Dino Hira.

Unfortunately for Mel, not only did the experiment and relationship end up in disaster, but the entire country was made aware of the fact that she hadn’t had sex in eight years.

Mortified and still looking for love, Lucarelli thought that 2020 would change everything, but a global pandemic would soon halt her plans to find true love.

In an exclusive for TheLatch—, the 39-year-old shares why she is ready to get back on the horse and if she’s going to find love during the global coronavirus pandemic, then there would be only one way…

I’m Going In Blind… Again. But This Time, Online

by Mel Lucarelli

After eight years of unsuccessfully dating followed by a failed Married At First Sight experience, I was more determined than ever that 2020 was my year.

It was going to be the year that I found my man and finally break my almost decade long sex drought. Nothing was going to stop me…

Well, maybe except a global pandemic apparently. Seriously!?! (Universe – 1 Melissa – 0).

How do I meet and connect with someone while we are all in self-isolation? And how the heck am I going to break the drought when we must keep a social distance of 1.5 metres?

Clearly meeting someone in person and breaking the drought is out for the time being — but perhaps there was another way? A way in which I’ve never tested out before. A way in which I never thought I would even consider, let alone have to resort to.

Before I continue, I must preface the next sentence with the fact that this is my own personal opinion on the matter — and does not reflect everyones.

For most people, online dating is absolutely fine — maybe even the best avenue to meet people, but for me, it was the worst-case scenario.

I’m not sure why I was so resistant to do it. Maybe it was just my stubbornness of wanting to meet someone IRL or maybe it was the potential for rejection that was so much higher and obvious. Or maybe it was that I had watched too many episodes of Catfished.

Whatever the reason or reasons, true love waits for no one and if I want to meet someone during corona times, then desperate times calls for desperate measures!

So, you’ve heard it here first. Online dating I will go.

Although a ‘beginner’, I was fully aware that how you set up your profile could be the difference between a lifetime of happiness and watching your potential future person pass you by.

But, before I could even worry about that, the amount of dating sites and apps available threw me for a loop.

Bumble, Tinder, Her, Plenty of Fish, Happn, Zoosk, Ok Cupid, Badoo, Hingee… the list goes on and on, just like my man drought.

So where do I even start?