Get Ready, Vault Dwellers, the ‘Fallout’ TV Show Is Set to Break Its Silence

Fallout TV show details

Put on your hazmat suit, get your gas mask at the ready, because the Fallout video games are being adapted into a TV show, and we couldn’t be more excited. 

Debuting in 1997, the first Fallout game explores a post-apocalyptic America that’s been fundamentally changed by a nuclear war. Mutants roam the lands, lawless gangs are everywhere, and very few people can be trusted. 

This Fallout game was a massive success which spawned many sequel games. Fallout 4 and Fallout: New Vegas are two that are so popular that they almost eclipse the original.

But what is the Fallout TV series all about? Which actors will star in this adventure? Here are all the Fallout TV show details we know.

The Fallout TV Show’s Plot

In the Fallout TV show, Ella Purnell plays the titular character of Lucy, an optimist who’s been living in an underground vault-bunker her whole life. Lucy is known for having a peaceful nature and numerous idealistic beliefs. However, all that is put to the test when she is forced to go to the surface and rescue her father from a mysterious villain.

The Cast of the Fallout TV Show

The Fallout TV show has a star-studded cast, and Ella Purnell isn’t the only exquisite actor who’s in it. Purnell is best known for playing Jackie Taylor in Yellowjackets and voicing Jinx in the animated series Arcane.

The other two main cast members in this series are Aaron Moten and Walton Goggins.

In this show, Moten is Maximus, a young soldier who wants to rise through the ranks of a militaristic cult called the Brotherhood of Steel. Before joining this series, Morten played Barry in the series Sandra and the character of Ben in Next.

Meanwhile, Goggins is appearing as Ghoul, a morally ambiguous bounty hunter. Goggins was previously Sheriff Chris Mannix in The Hateful Eight and Detective Shane Vendrell in The Shield.

The TV Show’s Trailer

How to Watch the Fallout TV Show

If you want to watch Fallout TV show, it will be available for streaming on Prime Video.  

The TV Show’s Release Date

Mark your post-apocalyptic calendars, the Fallout TV show release date is April 11.

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